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Beau Sterling Kissing Dutch Boy and Girl Brooch

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Topic Name: Jewelry / Designer Signed
Pattern: figural
Color: sterling
Dimensions: 1-1/2"
Manufacturer: Beau Sterling
Manufacturer Date: 1997-2004
Quality: very good
Quantity: 1
Price: SOLD
Vendors Item# 30320 (Please use this number referring to this item)

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Item Description:

A very pretty sterling silver brooch by Beau Sterling features a kissing Dutch boy and girl inside an outline heart. This measures 1-1/2" and is very detailed. Quality as is most Beau Sterling jewelry.  Signed on the back inside a rectangle.

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   FAQ -  Sterling silver is made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% alloy metals. Pure silver is too soft to make into anything that will hold its shape. When silver  comes in contact with other substances it will tarnish. To prevent tarnishing, it is best to store your sterling silver items in an airtight container or box when not in use but avoid anything containing rubber as it will hasten the tarnishing process. Plastic bags are also not recommended.  Sterling can be cleaned just using warm sudsy soap and water but excess tarnish may require a professional tarnish remover. You can purchase anti-tarnish tabs online and at jewelry and department stores for use in storing your silver jewelry. Also See Mexican Sterling for Southwestern styles and use our "Search" on each page for additional sterling silver items.

Vintage sterling that is hand made will sometimes show evidence of tool marks or other hand worked markings.  I try to describe any major repairs that I see in the item description and we usually will not clean the item unless it is needed to show the design.  Unmarked items are acid tested for silver purity.

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please feel free to email us at or call (304) 945-9136.

Vendor Contact Information:
Jarretts Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques
Contact: Bill or Sally
889 Sherwood Rd
Charleston, WV  25314 USA
Phone: (304) 945-9136
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