A very pretty cameo brooch featuring a black glass cameo set in a layered and ribbed Art Deco style setting.  This piece measures about 2" in diameter.  Beautiful design..

Treated Properly your costume and fine jewelry should last for years.  Never immerse any costume jewelry or semi-precious stones in water or cleaner.  For safe cleaning, use a q-tip dipped in windex or an eyeglass cleaner wipe for sparkling stones.  Caustic cleaners can harm turquoise, jade, opals, cameos, pearls and other gems as well as rhinestones. Warm mild soap and water for shell cameos and cabochons. Always put on makeup, hairspray, perfume, etc. before adding your jewelry and then wipe them clean after wearing.  Oils and alcohol products cam damage the finish and stones on your costume and fine jewelry. Store your jewelry separately if possible.  Plastic bags are fine, but leave a corner open for air circulation.  A bag or separate box will keep pieces from scratching and also contain any stone fallout. We always provide a bag or box with your jewelry purchase.

 FAQ   The term cameo originally meant carving a design into a single material in bas-relief.  They were usually done using shell, stone or other suitable materials.  Indications are that cameos were first carved in the 15th or 16th century where the subject matter was derived from the Greek and Roman period.  However, popularity flourished during the reign of Queen Victoria.  Later cameos were mass produced and molded using celluloid, bakelite, lucite and newer resins.  Popular now are laser made cameos because of their intricate detail and color combinations especially those made with gemstones.  Intaglio jewelry is reverse cut from a cameo - cut from the back and sometimes highlighted with handpainting, enamels or other colored glass or gemstones.

Remember to - Dust your cameo regularly with a soft brush and try to get in the nooks and crannies of the carving.  Do not use a lot of pressure. You can rinse a shell cameo with warm water and dry with a soft cloth.  Shell cameos are easily damaged, so do not use harsh soap or any other cleaner including jewelry cleaners.  Most Mother-of-pearl cameos can be cleaned with mild soap and water being careful to dry completely and polish with a soft cloth.  Avoid drastic temperature changes with all cameos as this can cause fractures and cracks.

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Price: $ 15
Pattern: cameo
Color: goldtone, black
Dimensions: 2"
Manufacturer Date: Vintage
Quality: very good
Quantity: 1
Vendors Item# 45526
Payments: PayPal, Money Order, Personal Check, Layaway
Shippine: $3.00 first class insured
Inernational: See shipping policy top of page
Layaway: See how to order top of page

 Most of our items are vintage unless we tell you otherwise. Therefore expect them to be in "Vintage" condition. This means normal wear and some softening of stone sparkle is to be expected. If either is in excess we will note it in our description. We do not thoroughly clean our items,  leaving that to the preferences of the buyer,  and if there are any serious problems, flaws or noticeable repairs, we will always try to note it in the description.  Realizing that nothing can replace a "hands-on" inspection of an item, if you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, we will always accept returns or otherwise try to make you a satisfied customer. Our return policy can be found at the top of each item page.

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Vendor Contact Information:

Jarretts Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques
Contact: Bill or Sally
889 Sherwood Rd
Charleston, WV  25314 USA
Phone: (304) 945-9136     

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