Since 1991, The Antique & Collectible Exchange has been a dedicated online marketplace where you can BUY and SELL Antiques and Collectibles, Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Dolls, Toys, Furniture and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tace is short for The Antique & Collectible Exchange. started out as an Online system like Prodigy and AOL, but specialized in Antiques & Collectibles. We could be accessed both via a dialup phone line, running our custom graphical user interface, or via the internet using a web browser. You can view our 33+ year history. has been online since 1992. We started before eBay. We didn't always have the domain name. We started under our parent company's domain name of and before that under You can see more of the history of in the History of section of our website.

We offer both Trial , Standard, and Pro subscription levels. You can get more info about our subscription plans, and what they include at Subscription Information page.

NO. We do not charge any commissions, advertising, maintenance, or any other fees or charges. We only charge a yearly fee to use our service. Many other antique & collectible website malls will charge the dealer a percentage of the selling price or a fee for any item sold on their site plus their normal subscription rates.

Yes, we offer a 1 month trial account for people to get in and see hour our system works. We don't recommend you use it to see if your products will sell quickly online, it does take time for people to find your items on the internet. Your items can appear on some of the major search engine within a day or two, and others can take a couple of weeks. Use the trial account to see if you like the way the system is setup, and see how quickly and easily it is to place an item online. We have dealers that have been on for over 5 years, and our system works very well for them, and can for you too!

First, visit our Subscription Information page. Then contact us either by email or phone. At this time, we do not have a way for you to signup online. does offer a basic shopping cart. The shopping cart is included *free* to all of our Standard and Pro level subscribers.

There are no quickies on like many other sites where its all about the numbers. The dealers on subscribe for 1 year at a time. Most of our dealers have been with for many years and have been very successful using and have had many of their clients recommend them to other people.

On each item page, there are links under the items name, that will give you quick access to the dealers homepage on and in most cases links to their ordering instructions, refund policy, and shipping information. Also under the item's description, you will also see the their name, address, phone number, and email address (if available).

Your item will be on our site immediately after you have added it. It will also appear on the right side of the homepage and many of the other pages on our site.

Our Standard dealer account comes with 200 items, and our Pro dealer account comes with 10,000 items. That does not mean that you can only list that many items per year, it is the max number of items that you may have in the system at any one time. You can delete an item and replace it with a new item anytime. You can also purchase blocks of additional 100 items for use with your account at any time.

No you don't. To add an item on, you just fill out an online form. If you know html, you can add some html code to the description of an item to spice it up. We also have a in-browser html editor that you can use to spice up your items description (if your browser is compatible and you enable it in your account settings).

It's relatively easy, you go to a special page that is designed for you to manage an items images. It will contain any images that are already associated with your item. You can then replace an image, delete an image, or upload an image to the item. You just click a "browse" button on the page, it will bring up a list of files on your computer, you select the image from your computer that you wish to upload, then just press the "upload" button. Your computer then sends your picture to our system. Our system will then verify that the image is indeed a good image, and then will add the image to your item.

Yes you can. At any time, you can modify any element of the item that you wish. You just login to our Vendor Services section of the website, and go into the area to manage your items.

With a Standard and Pro dealer accounts, you have access to a feature of our site called "WebShell". From there you can upload files from your computer to ours and put them online for other people to see. You can also upload files with an "FTP" client.

That is beyond the scope of this document. Dealers on get their own homepage, that you can modify certain parts of the page using form(s) in our Vendor Services section of our site.

There really is nothing special that you need to do to get your items and site listed on the search engines. A majority of the search engines spider daily. Items added to usually appear on search engines within a day or two of being added to the site. There is no guarantee that your item or site will appear on search engines, that's just the nature of search engines. You may have someone approach you saying that they can offer you top placement in the search engines, don't believe them. We have been in the web business since the very beginning of the web, and have found that most of those claims about getting top placement are bogus and are a waste of money. Lately, the way to drive targeted people to your site or items is by utilizing one of the "pay per click" search engine tools like google's adwords. However, many of our dealers have been very pleased with their search engine placement by just using the default optimizations.

If you question isn't answered here, please Contact Us or visit Subscription Information page for more information.


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