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                                           A rabbit by any other name is is also called a Hare and a Bunny...
                                                    The male rabbit is a buck and the female is a doe.
                                                                       A baby rabbit is a bunny.

It is often identified with the Moon because it sleeps during the day and awakens at night. In some fairy tales and legends the markings on the Moon are said to be awakening hares !  

 Rabbits are also associated with fertility and "Mother Earth" where it shares its home in furrows in the ground.
        The word "Bunny" is Scottish in dialect from the word "bun" which originally meant a bunny tail !
The Easter Bunny can be symbolic of the above in its association with the Easter Egg (also a symbol of fertility) and representing spring, youth and the growth of new life.

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 Most of our items are vintage unless we tell you otherwise. Therefore expect them to be in "Vintage" condition. This means normal wear and some softening of stone sparkle is to be expected. If either is in excess we will note it in our description. We do not thoroughly clean our items,  leaving that to the preferences of the buyer,  and if there are any serious problems, flaws or noticeable repairs, we will always try to note it in the description.  Realizing that nothing can replace a "hands-on" inspection of an item, if you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, we will always accept returns or otherwise try to make you a satisfied customer. Our return policy can be found at the top of each item page.

If you ask us to hold an item for you and then change your mind about purchasing, please let me know so that we can remove the hold and release for sale. Thank you for shopping with us !


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