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More Information On Bakelite ! 

I am not a bakelite expert but I do try and test my items.  If you find them not what you expect, returns are always accepted.   FAQ  (Bay Ka Lite) Synthetic resin chemically formulated and named after Belgian chrmist L. H. Baekeland in 1909. Used for molding items which were previously done of celluloid or hard rubber. Bakelite is very collectible in all its forms - most popularily, jewelry, buttons, radio cases, etc. Bakelite has become to be used as a generic term meaning any type of early thermo plastic (mistakenly). It is not actually bakelite unless tested. One test is to rub your fingers across an actual piece of bakelite - warm it and familiarize yourself with the odor and feel. Another way is to immerce the piece in hot water (not if stones are present). The small should be acrid or like formaldehyde or carbolic acid. Bakelite has a "clunky" sound, unlike the lighter celluloid, when knocking two pieces together.. Hot needle testing is sometimes done CAREFULLY. Pick an out of the way spot and prick the piece with a hot needle - note the small ! Also be aware that non thermoplastic pieces will melt, thermoset will not. Another way for testing is to use simichrome metal polish on a q-tip. Rub the item gently and if a yellow residue is apparent, the item is "probably" bakelite. Bakelite is being reproduced and redesigned so note the colors - Characteristic colors include light yellow, dark yellow, butterscotch, pea green, deep green, grass green, lime green, black, brown, maroon, deep maroon, red, orange, navy and deep navy blue. The marbelized colors include greens, golds, tortoise, blue green, rose, plum, peach and lots of yellow shades. Also clear and vaseline pieces. Several wonderful books are available as well as websites that discuss the plastics. The best collectors study the feel, shape and colors but even the most expert can be fooled.  Newer whimsical bakelite is enjoying a high collectability but know your dealer !  Be sure to check our Past Traditions Bakeite Gallery as well as a Main Bakelite Gallery for frequent new items.

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 Most of our items are vintage unless we tell you otherwise. Therefore expect them to be in "Vintage" condition. This means normal wear and some softening of stone sparkle is to be expected. If either is in excess we will note it in our description. We do not thoroughly clean our items,  leaving that to the preferences of the buyer,  and if there are any serious problems, flaws or noticeable repairs, we will always try to note it in the description.  Realizing that nothing can replace a "hands-on" inspection of an item, if you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, we will always accept returns or otherwise try to make you a satisfied customer. Our return policy can be found at the top of each item page.

If you ask us to hold an item for you and then change your mind about purchasing, please let me know so that we can remove the hold and release for sale. Thank you for shopping with us !


For additional information or to place an order for this item, please feel free to email us at or call (304) 945-9136.

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