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Today we have for your consideration a blast from the early years of America’s farming culture; namely an antique Dietz Fitzall barn lantern. This particular model of lantern was called the Monarch and was used in railroad yards with different colored globes; usually red. This one does have a red globe.

This model of lantern was manufactured in New York, New York (although the red globe seems to hail from Syracuse, New York).

The lantern measures approximately 14” in height with an approximate width of 6.5”.

The lamp appears to have its original wick and the lever to move the globe up and down works fine; albeit a bit stiffly.

We do note that the wick lever appears to be rusted in place and does not turn. A replacement wick might be needed to make this unit work again.

The cap which covered the kerosene fuel inlet is missing. The globe (although dusty) appears to be intact with just a few scratches present. There is age related rust seen on the bottom of the globe at the point where the flame burned the wick and created condensation.

This wonderful old lantern was used fully during its original lifetime and appears to be capable of working again.

This monarch lantern is previously used but is still in good condition. We are noting some faint scratches on this globe which are the result of normal handling.

A internet search seems to indicate that this model was manufactured back in 1914 making this lantern almost a century old!

Please be sure to review our photos carefully and if you have any questions, please be sure to ask!
Price: $ 24.99
Pattern: Hand Held Lantern
Color: Dark Green
Dimensions: 14" H x 6.5" W
Manufacturer: Dietz Fitzall
Manufacturer Date: 1914
Quality: Very Good
Quantity: 1
Tace Item# 45518

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