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Topic Name: Banks / Antique

Pattern: Field Worker
Color: Black
Dimensions: 5.25" H x 2.75" L x 1.75" W
Manufacturer: Unknown
Manufacturer Date: Unknown
Quality: Excellent
Quantity: 1
Price: $ 110
Tace Item# 44014

Item Description:


For today’s auction, we are featuring a very heavy cast metal bank in the shape of a blackamoor field worker.

Blackamoor figures are depictions of black Africans used in sculpture, jewelry, armorial designs and decorative art.

The blackamoor is typically depicted with a head covering, usually a turban / hat and is usually shown covered in rich jewels and gold leaf. It is usually male. The early examples often have European racial features, apart from the color. They are typically enamelled, carved from ebony or painted black to contrast with the bright colors of the embellishments. Depictions may only represent the head, or head and shoulders, facing the viewer in a symmetrical pose.

Our blackamoor figure is an actual standing bank. The figure depicted appears to be of a field worker; perhaps a worker on a plantation. It appears that he is wearing suspenders of some sort to hold up his pants. He does appear to be wearing sandals as we can see his toes (at least on one foot).

To the rear of the figure and between the shoulders is a slot where one may place coins to be saved. The bank has a screw at waist level to unlock the bank. This figure is shown smiling with his hands placed in his side pockets.

This bank measures 5.25” tall and is 2.75” in length. It is 1.75” in total width from front to back. This is some color present on the front of this piece. We see red and yellow. We are not sure what type of shirt (if any) those colors are meant to highlight or show.

A very nice piece of old cast iron metalwork that is in good condition.

Please refer to our pictures to see just how unique this bank is. Buy this old bank and secure your coinage securely!

If you have any questions, please be sure to ask!

For additional information or to place an order for this item,
please feel free to email us at or call 203-333-5836.

Vendor Contact Information:
All That Glitters Antiques
Contact: Chris Cali-Brophy
3 Grasmere Avenue
Fairfield, CT  06824 USA
Phone: 203-333-5836
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