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Pattern: Many Patterns
Color: Many Colors
Dimensions: Ring Sizes 6 thru 9
Manufacturer Date: 1980's Early 90's
Quality: Mint Never Worn
Quantity: Many
Price: $50 to 295
Tace Item# 21700
Shipping: Included with Most Pieces

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Item Description:

We have hundreds of Jade Rings, Bracelets and and Pendants on our web site with more coming almost every day.   Almost every color of jade including black, green, red, yellow, amber and ivory.  From an estate with over 1000 pieces of jewelry including diamonds, pearls, watches and more high quality items.  Click below to see the individual jade pieces.


About Jade

Since at least 2950 B.C. jade has been treasured as a royal gemstone.  The difficulty in carving this hard but beautiful gemstone demanded the extensive resources available only to the ruling elite, which is the reason it came to symbolize power, status and prestige.   Jade has also been treasured for its more spiritual symbolism.  Often, jade was cut in the form of a disc with a hole in the center.  These circles were commonly known to symbolize the sky or the heaven.  In fact, the Chinese character for demonstrates the strong symbolic ties.  Each horizontal line has a meaning: the top represents the heavens, the bottom the earth and the center section, mankind.   Jade has gained a reputation in jewelry for being timeless and classic.  It�s long history and everlasting quality makes it an ideal gemstone for representing either fine craftsmanship or timeless symbols and values.

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Vendor Contact Information:
Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
Contact: Ronald Curtis or Paulette Volz
501 NORTH 10th Street
Sacramento, California  95811 USA
Phone: (916) 446-1122
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