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B Adjoining double "B" Jewelry Trademark for Baskin Bros, Mobile Ala. Since 1949
B Within ornate frame is the jewelry trademark for Joseph Bobley Jewelry, New York since 1955.
B Within a star - jewelry trademark for B. A. Ballou & Co., Providence RI Since 1947
B Jewelery rademark for H. F. Barrows Co., North Attleboro, MA since 1901
B Script B or Bow B Trademark for Beaucraft, Inc., Providence RI Jewelry Mgf since 1961
B Within a diamond - jewelry trademark for Mark of Broos & Co., New York since 1962
B Large Ribbon Script B - jewelry trademark for Federated Dept. Stores, New York since 1939
B Within a modified arrow shape - jewelry trademark for M. Fabrikant & Sons, New York since 1962
B On Mexican Sterling used by Bernice Godspeed (1935-1971) She and her husband had a small shop and designed in the pre-columbian style.
B A R Letters AR within the B - trademark of Bar-Tan Mft Co., Providence RI C. 1965
BF Jewelry trademark for B. F. Hirsch, New York since 1935
B A B Jewelry trademark of B. A. Ballou & Co., Providence RI 1908-1949
BB CO Jewelry trademark of Bliss Bros. Co. Attleboro MA since 1908
BB Inside upsidedown "V" - jewelry trademark of Barnabus Barna, Beverly Hills, Ca. since 1962
BB Double B's with interlocking circles - jewelry trademark for Binder Bros, New York since 1920
BB Within a triangle - jewelry trademark for Berman Bros, Pittsburg PA since 1962
BBC Within an oval - Jewelry trademark for Bernard Blum Corp., New York since 1963
B& C Jewelry rademark for B&C Mfg, New York, mfg. of clasps, findings since 1962
B Co Large "B" Small "Co" - jewelry trademark for Benjamin & Co., New York since 1962
BC Jewelry trademark for Baronet Creaetions, New York since 1962
BCJ Beverly Creative Jewelers, Los Angeles Ca, jewelry trademark since 1962
BAACK Hamburg, Berlin, Germany metalworker/jewelry designer c. 1895 Siegmund
Babette Line Jewelry trademark for W&R Jewelry, Attleboro, MA since 1944
Babetto, Giampaolo Artist/jewelry designer born in Padua, Italy in 1947
Babishe (Babeesh) Thong, cord of thread made of rawhide, American Indian
Babani Perfumery, Paris France c. 1925 - "Yasmak", "Abdulla"
Babcock Perfumery, NY, Ny, c. 1920 "Acme", We Moderns"
Bablet, Paul French jeweler/designer c. 1889- ?
Babs Perfumery, NY, Ny. c. 1940 "Blossomscent", Yesteryear" creators
Baby Darling Jewelry trademark (childrens) used by Lippman, Spier and Hahn , NY since 1925
Baby Fair Jewelry trademark used by E. M. Rosenthal Jewelry Co., Washington DC for children's jewelry since 1940
Baccarat Producer of fine glgass avidly sought by collectors. The Cristalleries De Baccarat was founded in 1822 in France and continues to produce the highest quality
glassware including perfume bottles, today. They made perfume bottles for Elizabeth Arden, Arys, Atkinson, Boujois, Bichara, Corday, Coty, Delettrez, d'Orsay, Caron,Fontains, Gabilla, Genoville, Guerlain, Richard, Jjackel, T. Jones, Lentheric, Molinard, Myon, Oriza L., Legrand, Jean Patou, Ramses, Roger and Gallet, Rimmel, Silka, Schiaparelli, Violet, Volnay, Ybry, Yardley and Houbigant
Bachelor Trademark for Stuart A. Thompkins/Bachelor Button Products for Mens Button items since 1952
Badge Insignia of Membership or office used since the 17th century in several different forms. Some pinned on and some suspended from a chain
Baer, Wilde Attleboro, Ma. mft. of buttons, tie pins and related itsm c. 1915 - 1931
Bagatelle (Bag A Tell) Trifle, something of no importance
Baguette Gem or stone usually small and cut in the shape of a rectangle often used to set off other larger stones. Expensive cut large. Made popular in the cubism interest of the 1920's - Called "French for "Rod".
Bags See Purses
Bahrs, Ulrike Jewelry designer born 1944 in Grevesmuhlen, GDR
Bail Wire triangle to attach a pendant to a loop or chain
Bailey, Banks Jewelry designers/mfg. in Philadelphia Pa 1832 - present. Began as Bailey & Kitchen C. & Biddle 1832 in Philadelphia. Now a member of the Zale Corporation. Alsu use B B & B as a trademark. Known for quality and exclusive designs
  Trademark used by Arsene J Van Exem, New York for jewelry made with pearls and rhinestones since 1922
BAKELITE (Bay Ka Lite) Synthetic resin chemically formulated and named after Belgian chrmist L. H. Baekeland in 1909. Used for molding items which were previously done of celluloid or hard rubber. Bakelite is very collectible in all its forms - most popularily, jewelry, buttons, radio cases, etc. Bakelite has become to be used as a generic term meaning any type of early thermo plastic (mistakenly). It is not actually bakelite unless tested. One test is to rub your fingers across an actual piece of bakelite - warm it and familiarize yourself with the odor and feel. Another way is to immerce the piece in hot water (not if stones are present). The small should be acrid or like formaldehyde or carbolic acid. Bakelite has a "clunky" sound, unlike the lighter celluloid, when knocking two pieces together.. Hot needle testing is sometimes done CAREFULLY. Pick an out of the way spot and prick the piece with a hot needle - note the small ! Also be aware that non thermoplastic pieces will melt, thermoset will not. Bakelite is being reproduced and redesigned so note the colors - Charastic colors include light yellow, dark yellow, butterscotch, pea green, deep green, grass green, lime green, black, brown, maroon, deep maroon, red, orange, navy and deep navy blue. The marbelized colors include greens, golds, tortoise, blue green, rose, plum, peach and lots of yellow shades. Also clear and vaseline piees. Several wonderful books are available as well as websites that discuss the plastics. The best collectors study the feel, shape and colors but even the most expert can be fooled.
Baker, Olive English jewelry designer/craftsman c. 1900
Bakker, Gus Jewelry designer/artist born 1942 in Amersfoort, Holland
Balas Ruby Not a ruby at all, but a red spinel in jewelry
Balfour, L.G Jewelry mfg., Attleboro , MA since 1936 used the "B" mark within a modified shield shape. Specialized in fraternal, insignia jewelry
Balenciaga Perfumery, Paris, France. c. 1944 - "28", "Quadrille", "Prelude"
Balenciaga, Cristobal Spanish fashion designer born in 1895. His fashion house closed in 1968. He was admired for his passementerie and spanish laces and for his lavish use of color combinations.
Balie Jewelry trademark used by Morris Balicer, NY for mens jewelry since 1922
Ball Jewelry trademark used by Mildred L Ball, Winston Salem, NC since 1959
Ball Chain Type of chain somposed of small metal balls joined by a metal connection
Ballerina Name and ballerina figure was used by United Pearl Corp. as their trademark for pearl jewelry since 1954
Ballesteros Mexican family operated sterling jewelry business since 1937 to present. Most pieces are marked "Ballesteros". Highly collectible.
Ballet Jewels, Inc. Jewelry mfg. design currently in business in NY
Ballou Jewelry trademark for Better Rhinestone Jewelry Co., New York since the 1940-50's. Also "B" insdie a star and initials B.A.B. were used.
Bally, Boris Contemporary studio jewelry designer specilaizing in machinery/robotic jewelry
Balmain, Pierre Perfumery in Paris France, c. 1950's "Elysees", "Vent-Vert", Also Paris fashion designer with couture house opening in 1945. He worked for Lucien LeLong in 1939 prior to opening his own house. He died in 1982 and his assistant, Erik Mortensen assumed the role of courtrier.
Baltic In jewelry - the location for early amber
Bamboo Used in ornamentation. Hollow stalks were made into cylindrical beads
Bamboo Magic Jewelry trademark used by Avon Products, New York since 1970
Banal Trite, commonplace, of no individual taste or interest. Fashionless
Bandeau (Ban Doe) Type of head ornament in form of narrow band encircling the forehead. Narrow brassiere or bra. Also narrow band encircling the head as a wreath of flowers, etc. Also bandelet such as those worn by Medieval Italian women and also in France and England
Banded Agate Striped agate of various colors - black, brown, white sometimes used in Victorian hardstone cameos and beads
Bangle Round or oval bracelet, rigid rather than flexible - simetimes slipped over the hand rather than clasped. Popular during the Victorian period. See "Bracelets"
Bapst Family Several generations of Parisian jewelrs who were descended from anestors from Hall, Swabia in South Germany. Prominent for making court jewelry and producing articles made of "Strass". They settled in Paris where they became prominent making court jewelry
Bapst & Falize French jewelry/ornamentation designers 1872 - 1892 using "B & "F" Mark
Bar Brooch Type of brooch in form of horizontal bar with decoration along the length using various gemstones and motifs. Sometimes called "bar pins". Often engraved
Barbara Jewelry trademark used by Gemex co., since 1930
Barbara Lee Jewelry trademark used by Associated Merchandising, NY for faux peral necklaces since 1939
Barbaric Items made during the dark ages from circa AD 410 undl AD 870 when the Barbarian Tribes (Franks, Lombards and Anglo-Saxons, etc) were sweeping wests over Europe and bringing with them the culture of the Orient to influence Roman art.
Barbie Trademark used by Mattel, Inc., Hawthorne Ca for sets of jewelry for girls in conjunction with the famous "Barbie Dolls"
Barclay Within a pallet with words "Art In Jewelry" - trademark for Barclay Jewelry, Inc., Providence RI since 1948 (See McClelland)
Barclay Jewelry mft./designer 1930-1940. McClelland Barclay, well known illustrator during the 1930's also produced jewelry with a decidedly deco appeal. He was killed in action during WWII. His designs sometimes featured pave rhinestones with unusual shaped focus stones. Always elegant and wonderful finds
Barjon Jewelry trademark for M Edward Pope, Altadena, Ca. since 1961
Barley Corn Chain Trace chain where links are shaped like isoscles triangle with the apex of one link looped around the base of the adjoining link
Baroda Jewelry trademark for R. L. Griffith & Son, Providende R, since 1912
Baroque Period
Design used with heavy ornamentation and curved lines. Word "Baroque" is French for bizarre or from the Portuguese "Barroco" which means irregular. This period was a union of architecture, painting and sculpture in the 17th and 18th century and created an overwhelming and direct appeal to the senses of the beholder. A blend of illusion, light and color. Large scaled bold details, sweeping curves and a wealth of ornamentation.
Natural Pearl or cultured pearl of irregular shape formed by the pearl oyster around some irregularly shaped intrusion
Baroques In jewelry - gemstones or beads especially pearls of irregular shapes
  Shape of a type of bead. Also a type of necklace or bracelet fastener.
Barrett Hair clasp made available in a wide variety of materials from plastic to chased silver and gold. Metallic Barretts were popular from 1895 through the 1920's when the plastics became popular. Some were set with rhinestones, gems, pearls. They enjoy popularity today.
Barton, Ann Jewelry trademark for Bertha J Haig, Bostom MA since 1938
Barton NY Jewelry trademark for B Haig , Boston MASS including compacts, etc. since 1938
Bartosik, Karel Born in Tamworth, England in 1942, this designer worked with Andrew Grima in London and designed the wedding gift to Prince of Wales/Lady Diana from the English Chamber Orchestra.
Bas-Relief Slight raised pattern on a flat surface
Basalt Dark grey to black volcanic rock used in Egyptian jewelry and imitated by Josiah Wedgewood in his portrait medallions
Basse Taille (French) Literally - shallow cut - technique of decoration by enamelling on a metal base where the design was first made in several levels by chasing, carving or engraving - stamping or engine turning and then covering the surface with transparent or translucent enamel and then fired.
Basso Relievo Low relief carving
Bastard Amber Variety of amber that has cloudy appearance due to many embedded air bubbles.
Batal, Rebecca Contem;porary studio jewelry designer/artist with flowing, surreal designs
Bateau Neck (Ba Toe) Boat shape neckline high in front and back/pointed at shoulders
Bates & Bacon Jewelry mfg., Attleboro Mass., c. 1900-1930's Mfg. fobs, lockets, chains, etc.
Batik Decoration technique that uses wax-resist and dye on fabric
Batiste (Ba Teest) Soft sheer cotton or linen fabric of plan weave usually in delicate colors used for handkerchiefs, lingerie, neckwear, etc.
Battenberg Coarse form of Renaissance Lace
Battersea Enamel Enameled copper articles made at York House in the Battersea District of London, England. Small personal articles such as snuff boxes, patch boxes and watch cases c. 1753-6.These items are still being produced by various companies and are all collectible and usually bring high prices.
Bauble Refers to any dangling ornamentation
Bauer, Dorothy Trademark for "A Piece of the Rainbow" contemporary jewelry design co., founded by Dorothy Bauer. Designs are quality and whimsical. Very collectible
Bauer, Frank Born in 1942 in Hanover Germany. This jewelry designer opened a workshop in Sydney, Australia
Bauxite Soft red aluminum ore that is used for making beads, discs, etc. From Nigeria
Bavarian Lace Simple bobbin lace. Also see Torchon or Laces
Bayeux, The Tapestry French Romanesque embroidered tapestry commenorating the victory of Normans in England
Bazarr Marketplace, group of shops or stalls or in more moderns terms a "Flea Market " !
Bead Ornament with a hole end to end into which a needle and string or cord is inserted to make necklaces, bracelets, etc. Many glass beads came from Czechoslavakia in thek 19th century. There are still many glass factories today, but the older beads are more valuable. Beads were used in ancient and primitive cultures as money or trade itmes. They were in many different shapes, made of various materials from gold to wood and some hand decorated or painted.
Bead Loom The framework for bead embroidery or weaving
Bead tip Small cup with a hook used at the end of a necklace or bracelet to hide the knot and provide an attachment for clasps.
Beads O' Paradise Jewelry trademark for Lee Pelzman, New York since 1958
Bead Set Refers to a setting where the stones are secured by raised beads.
Beaton, Cecil Designer and fashion photographer
Beau 1947-present. Founded by Luigi Russo and Rinaldo Saccoccio in Providence RI and designing sterling silver and 24K overlay jewelry. Some pieces signed B-Sterling. Jewelry trademark for Beaucraft, Inc. Providence, RI
Beau Bait Jewelry trademark for Haberman, Inc. Cincinnati Ohio since 1961
Beau Brummel Arbiter of English men's fashion in the early 19th century. Numerous articles of me's wear were named after him.
Beau Brummel Jewelry trademark for Sands Mfg Co, Providence RI for mens jewelry since 1928
Beaucraft Jewelry trademark of Beaucraft, Providence RI since 1947. Mostly sterling items including novelty. Also see Beau Sterling
Beautiful Beguilers Jewelry trademark of Avon Products, Inc., New York since 1971
Beauty Box Vanity case/box containing beauty and cosmeticc items often purchased containing products - the box being the "bonus".
Beauty Pins Small pins used on lingeree, collars, etc. also called "handy" pins or "lace" pins. One of the most popular mfg. was Shreve & Co. c. 1910. At that time a 14K gold beauty pin with a diamond sold for $4.50 !
Beautycrest Jewelry trademark of J. J. Schmulkler & Sons, NY since 1930
Beauzal Jewelry trademark of Zayre Corp., Natic Mass. since 1963
Becken Jewelry trademark of A. C. Becken, Chicago, IL since 1934
Becker, Friedrich Jewelry designer/artist born in 1922 in Ende, FRG.
Bedouin Articles made and worn by the Bedouin Tribes in Saudia Arabia. Most always of silver, frequently set with turquoise
Beetle The iridescent green bodies of beetles used in jewelry making. Also see Scarob.
Begeer, Cornelius Amsterdam, Holland metalworker in Silver ( Carel Begeer 1883-1956)
Beggar Beads Inexpensive strings of multicolor beads of agate or jasper from India
Beguiling Jewelry trademark of Avon Products, Inc., New York since 1972
Behrens, Peter Jewelry metalworker in Munich C. 1868-1940
Bejeweled Jewelry trademark of Gaylin Jewelry, NY since 1946
Bel Air Jewelry trademark of Bel Air Ind, NY for mens jewelry since 1962
Belcano Perfumery, Jersey City NJ c. 1940's. "All Agog", "Night Blooms".
Belcher Scarf or necktie of garish color originally a blue neckcloth marked with white spots having blue centers and named for Jim Belcher, an English pugilist
Belcher Setting In jewelry - a heavy pronged ring setting popular around the turn of the century
Belco Co Cosmetic Mfg/accessory designer - Radio Girl Products
Bell Trading
Jewelry Mfg., Albuquerque, NM of Sunbell Corp. since 1932. Specializing in sterlinlg, turquoise, copper jewelry and novelty items. Also used a graphic "bell" suspended from a post.
Bellis, John O Silver metalworker - California c. 1910
Belnord Jewelry trademark for Swiss Radium and Dial Painting Co., NY since 1949
Belperron, Suzanne French jewelry designer in Paris c. 1920-30
Belts Used to encircle the waist and hold trousers or skirts firm. Metallic Belts and large metal buckles were popular in the late 18th century and again in the 1930-40's. In Victorian times the belts were often made of gold or silver and were used to accentuate a small waist. Some were chased, engraved or decorated with gems. Belts were considered a type of jewelry as far back as ancient times. Wealth was sometimes determined by the richness of the belt !
Baldrick - worn diagonally from on shoulder to opposite hip
Chain - made of various sizes of chains and sometimes decorated and added tassels
Cincture - (Sink-Cher) Twisted silk, rayon or rope worn by clergy
Contour - Curved to bit the body - popular in the 1 890's
Corselet - Wide and enclosing the r ib cage, sometimes laced.
Cowboy - usually wide leather and tooled
Cummerbund - Wide fabric belt sometimes pleated
Gaucho (Gow-Cho) - Usually medallions of leathermetal joined together with chains. Popular in the late 1960's. Southwestern origins
Greek - Long narrow sash crossing over chest and winding around waist
Kidney - Very wide and worn when motorcycling to prevent injury
Mesh - Made of very small metal links fastened to form flexible band
Money - Has hidden compartment for storage of money
OBI - Sash 4-5" wide at center and tapering to 1-1'2" at ends. Worn wrapped around waist. Adapted from Japanese
Polo - Wide leather belt originally worn by players for protection
Sam Browne - Has extension strap over right shoulder. Military use.
Serpentine - Wavy design belt
Skirt - Attached peplum popular in late 1960's
Spaghetti - Long narrow cord usually self fabric sometimes knotted at ends
Thong - Wide leather belt with eylets at each end for threading of rawhide
Tooled Leather - Handmade leather with various designs. Popular Southwest
Webbed - Usually heavy canvas with a buckle
Bendel Hari Couture and retail shop located in New York established in 1897. Stocked ready to wear and French designed fashions. Also introduced a perfume "Un Peu D'Elle"
Benedict & Warner Jewelry mfg of precious and imitation/costume jewelry. NY 1904-1915
Benham & Froud London England copper metalworker C 1900 (Christopher Dresser, Designer)
Bennara Jewelry trademark of Vargas Mfg Co., Providence RI since 1969
Bennett, Jamie Contemporary studio jewelry designer/artist preferring the sculptural form and enamel merging color and form
Benson, JW London, England jewelry designer c. 1874
Benson, William Smith London England metalworkers, Art Nouveau, Lamps, Ornamentation C. 1854 - 1924.Their mark was a "B" in a rectangle
Bentlee Jewelry trademark of Ben Felsenthal & Co., New York since 1917
Bergere' Jewelry trademark used by L. Erbert & Pohs, Inc., NY since 1947. Quality jewelry that was produced into the early 1960''s. Most pieces were marked. Their jewelry was consistent in quality and design from elegant to whimsical.
Berlin Iron Cast iron jewelry made in Germany early in the 19th century often inscribed Gold Gab Ich Fur Eisen - "I gave gold for iron" to finance the war of liberation against Napoleon. The vogue fo black iron jewelry died out before the middle of the century and very little of it remains. Very expensive and beautiful. Most has whorls or mesh filigree of fine iron wire, very delicate. Some have slim chains holding cameolike plaques together. Not heavy.
Berlin Work Allover embroidery done in Berlin wool
Bernard, Les 1962 - 1990's. Jewelry designer of exquisite ornate jewelry much of it for Hollywood and the movie stars. Designed much of the jewelry used on the television program "Dynasty" as well as others. The company was founded by Harold Shapiro who was also associated with Vogue Jewelry and his son Bernard. Their innovative designs are much collected. They sold on the QVC television buyer channel as well as quality department stores. Particularly collectible are the moveable brooches of the early 1960's.
G odspeed
(1935 - 1971) Mexican Sterling jewelry designer in Pre-Columbian designs.
Bernodtte, Sigvard Denmark silver metalworker from 1931 - 1947
Bertha Deep capelike collar
Berthe (French) large collar shaped necklace of a network of gemstones and pearls, some suspended or dropped.
Beryl In jewelry a gemstone family including emerald, aquamarine and heliodor or golden beryl. Slightly harder than quartz and strogly dichrolic ( two shades of the same color). Beryl is astrogically associated with the House of Scorpio and also with Gemini. It was used by mystics and seers because of the transparency and ability to give "sight" to the future. Beryl was also said to be the gemstone of eternal youth and to deram of beryl signaled happy news.
Bertoia, Harry Jewelry designer of the postwar modernistic period (B 1915 - 1978)
Betrothal Referring to something given i.e. ring, by a gentleman to his fiancee as a token of his love
Rings given around the end of the 19th century often bearing love motifs - two hands holding a heart, clasped hands that opened two rings (called a "gemel" ring or a "fede " ring) and posy rings with love sayings engraved or enameled on them.
Betsy Ross Jewelry trademark of L. Harvey Clap & Co., Attleboro MA since 1931
Betta Jewelry trademark of Henry Durlacher/ LS & L Setting Co., NY since 1970
Better Rhinestone Co. Jewelry mft. 1940's and 50's.
Bevel As a jewelry finding it is a double prong used to hold hanging jewelry items. Also the edge of a mirror cut to reflect back onto the surface
Bezel Round collar or setting into which a gemstone is set or the facets on the top of the gemstone. Also called a groove or flange.
BFM Jewelry Jewelry trademark for Fred M Birch, Providence RI since 1962 on custome and mens jewelry
BH Jewelry trademark for B&H Jewelry Co., NY since 1962 - Specialty in pill boxes, cases and cufflinks.
Bibelots French term for triket or knickknacks or small art objects
Bibette Jewelry trademark used by Joseph H Meyer Bros., Brooklyn NY since 1958
Bickson Jewelry used by Harry S Bick and Sons, NY since 1948
Bicone Bead Bead that tapers to a cone at both ends.
Biconical Bead in the form of two cones joined at the bases. Such beads are found mostlsy in their ancient form among Sumerian and early Egyptian
Big Name Brands Jewelry trademark used by Trifari Krussman & Fishel, Co., NY since 1971
Bigelow, Kennard & Co Jewelry mfg 1830-1972 , Boston Mass
Bigot, Alexandre Paris France metalworker c. 1862 - 1927
Bijou (Bee Zhoo) Jewel or trinket especially of delicate or elegant workmanship
Bioux Cascio Italian jewelry design/mfg co. founded by Gaetano Cascio and represented by such companies as Bonwit Teller, Lord and Taylor and Bloomingdales
Bijouterie Collective jewelry or trinketss as above made of metals usually gold and silver
Billy and Charley Name given to objects of a large group of 19th century jewelry forgeries made at Tower Hill, London by two illiterate mud rakers
Bindesboll Thorvald Bindesboll - jewelry, architect in Denmark c. 1946-1908
Bingham, James c. 1869 jewelry mfg. claiming the "Galvanic ring" which was touted to cure Rheumatism. Philadelphia
Binne Jewelry trademark used by Binnie Creations, Dearborn, Michigan since 1946
Biomorphic Refers to amoebalike shape
Birks, Henry & Sons Montreal Canada silver metalworker/jewelry designer 1879 - present (H. Birks 1840-1928)
Birmingham Guild of the Handicraft Arts and Crafts era jewelry designers. Birmingham England 1890 - present. (Arthur Dixon, Montague Fordham, Claude Napier Clavering, E. r. Gittin) Mark is a diamond shape with the initials in the points BGHL.

Stones that are perceived to be magical or influence over people born during their month or Zodiac.

Month Color Stones/s Ancient Meaning
January Red Garnet Insures constancey, true friendship and fidelity
February Purple Amethyst, Onyx or Pearl Freedom from passion and from care
March Pale Blue Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Hyacinth Courage Wisdom
April White/Clear Diamond Innocence and Purity
May Bright Green Emerald, Chrysoprase Discovers false friends.
June Cream Pearl, Moonstone, Agate, Cat's Eye Insures long life, health
July Red Coral, Ruby Discovers poison/ rids evils
August Pale Green Sardonyx, Peridot, Moonstone Without stones, no conjugal felicity
September Deep Blue Chrysolite, Sapphire, Lapis Frees from sadness
October Tan Variegated Opal, Tourmaline Denotes hope/sight
November Yellow Topaz, Citrine Fidelity, friendship, prevents sad dreams
December Sky Blue Turquoise, Blue Zircon Success and prosperity in love


Bishop, Hazel Cosmetic/accessory mfg./designer 1940's
Biwa Pearls Lustrous freshwater cultured pearls (often in the shape of rice grains or baroques). They come from Lake Biwa in Japan
Bizarre Extravagantly odd, unusual or showy
BJC Used in conjunction with "Dog and Ball" - jewelry trademark for Beatrix Jewelry Co., Providence, RI 1962
Black Amber Inaccurate term for Jet - See Amber
Black Beauty Jewelry trademark used by Coro, Inc., New York since 1946
Black Coral A true coral growth made by marine organisms called polyps. Black coral was found in the Red Sea centuries ago and most recently in our own Hawaii. When polished it has a satiny sheen similar to ivory. No two pieces are alike.
Black Diamond Name sometimes given for Hematite also a name given to a smokey rhinestone.
Black Glass Used to immitate jet or onyx. See jet or onyx.. Also refers to a type of glass that when held to the light shows a deep purple hue. The glass was made by many companies as early as the 17th century and it is still being made today. It takes careful study to determine the age, but regardless the glass is collectible today.
Black Hills Mfg. Co.
Black Hills Gold
Jewelry mfg. Rapid City, South Dakota. Mfg of Black Hills gold jewelry which contains three colors of gold in each piece. A legend surrounding this type of gold is that "A young jeweler traveling to the Black Hills to find gold became lost and dreamed of finding abrook with grapevines along side. When he awoke his dream was true. Feeling that the dream saved his life he set up a business in the towns of Deadwood and Lead where he made jewelry in the grape and leaf designs using the 3 colors of gold in each piece. This was c. 1849." The small grape clusters were made of 10K yellow gold while the 12K Green and Rose gold is used for the leaves. This jewelry is still very popular today.
Black Light Ultraviolet lamp used for identifying some minerals. Long or short wave ultraviolet light excites luminescence or flourescence in some gemstones such as rubies, pearls and opals. Nearly all natural materials like ivory, turquoise and amber can be idenetified this way. Purchase the blacklights at any jewelry supply or craft store.
Black Magic Jewelry trademark used by Elzac California Jewelry Creations, Los Angeles incorporating ceramics, lucite and plexiglass since 1943
Black Onyx Misnomer for chalcedony dyed black and used as a substitute for jet in the 1920-1930's
Black, Starr & Frost, NY Jewelry designers mfg 1876-1929 as Black, Starr, Frost & Gorham Inc. 1929-1940. Black Starr & Gorham 1940-1962. Firm originated as Marquand & Co. c. 1810. Their mark was a standing eagle with wings spread and BS&F or Black, Staff & Frost, LTD underneath. They catered to the rich and famous and their designs were featured in all the fashion magazines of the day.
Blackamoor Refers to the ornamental motif of an African man or woman. Highly collected now and done by several designers in the 1940-1950's in exquisite form. Some styles were done in chalcedony or black onyx as well as bakelite and ceramic !
Blackband W.T. Arts and Crafts era jewelry designer - Birmingham England 1885-1949.
Blackington, R & Co. 1862 - present. Jewelry and silver designs (W Ballou & R Blackington, North Attleboro Mass)
Blackwork Particular technique of embroidery of the Tudor period in England (16th cent) where patterns were piqued in black and silver thread.
Blakraft Jewelry trademark used by Blacher Bros. Providence RI. Also used on hand bag frames
Blanc (Blonh) Frenchword for white or bleached
Blanchard Perfumery founded by Howard Kesterbaum and his brother Eugene in New York c. 1930 "Gardenis" 1932 "Jealousy 1943 "Climax c. 1952. Created in France
Blister Pearl An irregular shaped pearl sometimes hollow unlike a Baroque pearl which is a solid irregular shaped pearl.
Blithe Blossom Jewelry trademark used by Coro, Inc. NY since 1956
Bloodstone Dark green chalcedony sprinkled with red spots, looking like blood. In ancient times it was thought that Bloodstone stopped bleeding. The Victorians like it to used for seal rings and watch fobs. It is also called Blood Jasper, Oriental Jasper and Heliotrope. Bloodstone alternates with the Aquamarine as the birthstone for March and is atrologically in the House of Aries, The Ram. This stone was thought to have great powers medicinally even to prolong life ! The highest quality of bloodstones come from India and Russia. The name Heliotrope comes from the Greek "Helio" for sun and "Trepein" for turning. The red and brown spots which are said to be blood are caused by iron minerals.
Bloomed Gold Matte surface on gold created when the acid on the surface of the gold destroys the alloy leaving a pure gold "bloom"
Blown Glass Beads Beads that are made of shaping a tube of molten glass into hollow bubbles then making the two holes by blowing into the mold.
Blue Bird Jewelry trademark used by Stein and Ellbogan Co., Chicago, Ill. since 1920. Also used by the Henshel Co., Inc. c. 1924
Blue Danube Jewelry trademark used by Coro, Inc., New York since 1929
Blue Drop Jewelry trademark used by Avon Products, NY since 1971
Blue Gold Actually an alloy of gold made with 25% arsenic or iron. Seldom used now.
Blue John A rich blue speckled fluorspar found mainly in Derbyshire, England used mostly for mens signet rings. Also known as Flourite
Blue/White Diamond Color of a very fine diamond. Not a scientific term, but a modern popular one.
Blue Nocturne Jewelry trademark used by Kaufman and ruderman, NY since 1946
Blue Ribbon Bands Jewelry trademark used by Wells Mfg, Attleboro MAS since 1936
Blue Ribbon Jewelry trademark used by Sig Dawer & Co., NY since 1929
BM Within a triangle. Jewelry trademark of Baunman-Massa Jewelry, St. Louis, MO 1889
Bo-Peep Jewelry Jewelry trademark used by Bauman-Massa Jewelry, St. Louis MO for children's jewelry since 1923
Bob O Link Jewelry Trademark used by Eisenstadt Mfg. St. Louis since 1915
Bobblestones Jewelry trademark used by Philip Morris, Inc. New York since 1970
Bobin Spangle Bead Hand made glass beads of lampwork, crum or other decoration. Name comes from possibility that they were made in England to decorate english lace bobbins
Bobley Jewelry trademark for Joseph Bobley Jewelry, NY since 1955
Bodkin A hair pin of gold or silver and richley decorated.
Bodom Large ancient glass bead usually with a black center, yellow surface found and possibly made in Ghana
Boekhoudt, Onno Jewelry designer/artist born in 1944 in Hellendoorn, Holland
Bog Oak In jewelry - a peatlike material used and loved by the Victorians for making jewelry.
Bog Wood Also referred to as Bog Oak. Brown in color and can be distinguished from Gutta Percha which is similar in appearance by the fact that Bog Oak was carved and not molded. Irish Bog Oak usually shows a castle, harp or a shammrock, Usually set in brass. The fittings were usually inexpensive. Jet is lighter than Bog Oak in weight, dead black in color, takes a high polish and when you rub it on your hair or wool, it can be electric.
Bogoff Jewels By Jewelry trademark of Spear Novelty Co., Chicago 1940-1950's. Also trademark of Jewels by Bogoff, Chicago. Better jewelry since 1946
Bohemia Jewelry center of the world during the 17-18 century. Located between Czechoslavakia and Germany, Bohemia became included in Czech. after World War 1 and began to 1700's. Presently. Producers using their stones include Coro, Trifari, and Haskell. The Gablonz in Northern Bohemia was a family of jewelry makers famous for their quality. They were also known for the beautiful hues of their stones. Also marcasites and beads as well as their famous crystal and garnet jewelry. See lampwork beading.
Bohemian Diamond Misnomer for rock crystal
Bohemian Garnet Red or Pyrope Garnet. Sometimes called Bohemian Ruby. Inexpensive. Most often found in rose cuts or cabochons. Used widely in the late 1800's. Popular in necklace "ropes"
Boin-Taburet French silver craftsman c. 1925
Bojesen, Kai Denmark metalworker in silver c. 1930
Bola United States Indian - length of thin braided leather with decorative silver tips on each end and worn around the neck sometimes having a sliding ornament or toggle. Especially popular in western designs - cowboy or Spanish/Mexican attire.
Bolin W.A. Jewelry designer in Sweden and Russia c. 1895 - present (Carl, Edward Bolin, William James Bolin)
Bollin Moyens Jewelry designer c. 1900 in Denmark
Bolita Jewelry trademark used by Forstner Chain Corp., Irvington, NY since 1950
Bolo See Above Bola
Bombazette Thin smooth finished worsted fabric in plain or twill weave.
Bombazine Fine or twilled English fabric with silk wrap. Obsolete term used for raw cotton.
Bombe Having swelled or expanded sides
Bon A Fide Jewelry trademark used by Eisenstadt Mfg Co., St. Louis for costume rings and on fine jewelry since before 1908
Bonaza Jewelry trademark used by WM R Katz Co., Dallas Tx since 1965
Bona Fit Jewelry trademark used by Speidel Chain Co., Providence RI since 1913
Bone Used in jewelry-beads and carvings often masquerading as ivory, but they are quite different in appearance once you look good. Bone is white or yellowish, whie, hard and dull in appearance unless it has been waxed. The grain is s traight blackish or grayish lines or dots. It carves dryly with points and angular motion. When it ages, it yellows.
Bone Amber Variety of amber that is opaque and includes a mass of closely-spaced air filled cavities that result in a cloudy appearance.
Bonebakker & Sons Jewelry designers from Holland c. 1767 -
Bonner, J Arts and Crafts era jewelry designer
Bonnie Bell Perfumey - cosmetic company, Cleveland OH c. 1927 - "English Bluebells", "Final Touch"
Bonwit Teller Inc. Perfumery/ department store NY c. 19135 "Chamois" , "Victorian Keepsake".
Bookchain A chain necklace witih foldover links sometimes engraved or design stamped. Popular in the mid to late 19th century
Booker T Washington Jewelry trademark used by Morton E Mills/Booker T. Washington Jewelry Co., Newe York since 1947
Bootaria Importe Jewelry trademark used by Kitity Kelly Shoe Corp., New York since 1967
Bordaux Claret color, clear deep ruby red as the wine from Bordeau grapes
Borneo See Sadler, F. H.
Botay Jewelry trademark used by Paul Flato Sales Corp. NY since 1953
Bounty Of The Sea Jewelry trademark used by Linmark Intnl. Corp. NY for pearl jewelry since 1952
Boucher, Marcel
Et Cie
Jewelry designer from 1937 - 1971 coming to the US from France and designing for Cartier and Tiffany. Pieces are prized for their baguettes and exciting colored stones. Each piece is signed "Boucher" and most contain a number. The "MB" was used in conjunction with the "Boucher" c. 1940-1950. A line was also made in Mexico for Boucher called "Parisianna". Boucher's wife, Sandra, left Tiffany's and continued the Boucher company after her husband's death in 1965. Very collectible is their grouping of "birds" and "flowers".
Boucheron Leading French jewelry firm founded in 1858 in the Palais Royal. Paris by Frederic Boucheron (1830- 1902) and how having the main establishlment at 16 Place Vendome , Paris. Specialist in gems as well as designer of luxury jewelry. Well known for their exquisite gem set jewelry.. Firm remains family run with branches all over the world.
Bouchette (Boo Shet) Large breastplate buckle
Boucle (Boo Clay) Woven or knitted surface has looped or knotted appearance. French word for "curled"
Boudoir (Boo Dwar) Lady's private room or bedroom. Also a frangrance by Vivienne Westwood, England.
Boulle Work Special inlay technique of Charles Andre Boulle using tortoisshell ande german silver, brass or pewter. Associated with Louis XIV and Regence periods.
Boulton, Matthew 1728-1809 leading manufacturer of metal objects in Birmingham and Sheffield. Leading cut steel maker and vast quantities of buttons
Bouquet Pin A pin or stickpin with a hollow vase used to hold a small flower or bouquet. Sometimes done in sterling and sometimes with a small clasp to secure the flower. Sometimes called a "Posey " pin.
Bouton Pearl Natural pearl or cultured pearl that is flat on one side or bun shaped. Used in earrings, finger rings and cufflinks
Boutonniere Flower or small bouquet worn in a buttonhole. French word for "buttonhole"
Bourbon Perfumery, New Orleans, LA c. 19 20 - "Kuskus" French Perfume Mfg.
Bourjois Perfume company started in Paris c. 1863. They are also creators of the first "powder" compact. Noted perfumes "Manon Lescaut", "Etoile D'Amour c. 1903", "Ashes o f Roses" c. 1909. Noted for "Evening in Paris" and the famous cobalt blue bottles. Another collectible bottle by Bourjois is "Kobako" designed like a chinese snuff bottle. Still in business as leading cosmetic and fragrance company.
Bouton NY 1930's Perfumery "Ambre D'Or", "Reckless".
Bouttier French for one who deals in boots or shoes
Bowentite Soft stone resembling jade in a yellow/green to brown color and easily carved. Mined in Mexico
Box Clasp Refers to the closure for bracelets and necklaces with a slot that accepts a spring type catch.
Box Setting A box shaped setting for a stone with the edges pressed down over the stone to hold it in place.
Boyden, Frank C Founded shop manufacturing jewelry - trophies and ecclesiastical wares in Chicago along with Fred C. Minuth. Shopmarks are F. S. Boyden, Chicago (Letter F) within a large letter "B". Boyden was active 1861 - 1943 and Minuth 1884 - 1966. They are currently active as Boyden-Minuth co.
Boyton, Charles & Son England silver metalworkers c. 1900-1940. Mark is a clover shape with the initials CB&S
BR Intertwined mark for Bernard Ross, Inc., Island Park NY c. 1954 for jewelry items
Bracelet Popular jewelry item encircling the wrist or arm and even ankle. They have been popular since ancient times. The period 1850-1950. F rom the Franch produced "jointed" wide cuff bracelets and unjointed bangles often word "Bras" given in friendship as in friendship rings at a later date. Arm bracelets were worn by infants we well as adults, often decorated with a piece of coral or some protectivegemstone. Bracelets reflected the changing designs of the eras. From 1900-1905 Charm bracelets were popular and then reemerged in popularity in the 1930's. Some were made of mesh in the Victorian time and some had a lock and key or tassels hanging from them. It is thought that bracelets give illusion and beauty to the arm. Types of bracelets are
Ankle Worn around the ankle - also called an anklet
Armband Worn on the upper arm - Originated in Egype
Bangle Round rigid worn in singles or groups.
Bypass Rigid usually hinged where top (or bottom) by-passes the other part
Chain Single or groups of chains clasped together
Charm Made for hanging charms, can be chain or solid
Cuff Oval/Round shaped rigid with opening/hinge
Expandable Stretches over hand no need for clasp.
Hinged Having a hinge as in a cuff bracelet
ID Usually chain and having a plaque for identification purposes
Also Medical ID
Mali Handmade leather decorated with beads - Africa
Madonna Round Rubber bangles worn many at a time named for rockstar
Medic Alert Worn to indicate medical condition, blood type, see ID
Memory Wire Coiled wire strung with beads retains its shape
Mesh Minute metal links or continuous woven
Scarab Made of usually bezeled oval semi precious stones i.e. lapis, chalcedony.
Engraved to resemble Egyptian Beetles, Originated in Egypt.
Slave Ornate ring connected by chain to a bracelet worn around the wrist. Orig. in Eastern Countries
Sleeve Ornate worn around upper arm over sleeve to make puffed look
Slide Small piece of pierced metal where fine flat chains are threaded thru ornamental plaques sometimes
containing cameos or gemstones
Snake Metal in form of a snake coiled around the arm. Originated in Greece
Spring Beads strung on flexible wire in a spiral
Brade, Christina Jewelry designer born in Leising, GDR in 1936
Braid Narrow strip made by intertwining several strands of silk, cotton or hair
Bramson Jewelry trademark used by Gramson, Inc. Oak Park Ill since 1932
Brandt Metal Crafters Founded in 1914 in Chicago they specialized in jewelry and housewares. Closing in 1923. Their shopmark was Brandt Metal Crafters.
Brandt, Edgar Paris, France metalworker 1900-1930
Bradley D.R. & Son Perfumery "Amra" "Wildwood" c. 1910
Bragg T and J Birmingham England jewelers in gold and enamels (Thomas Perry Bragg, Thomas Bragg, John Braff) c. 1844
Braque, Georges Painter born in 1882 in France and leader in cubism and collage movements. He was a colleague of Picasso and their designs influenced all venues of art and adorment
Brason Jewelry trademark for J Braunstein, Phila. Pa. since 1949
Brass A copper-based alloy with zinc as the major alloy element. When you test for gold if the nitric acid turns green on contact with the metal, your "gold" is brass. Brass was used in the manufacture of utilatarian articles as well as decorative accessories. Almost anything brass is collectible because of the introductdion of similar items in plastic.
Brateau, Jules French metalworker for Boucheron specializing in pewter
Brazillia Fire Jewelry trademark of Vargas Mfg. Providence Ri since 1971
BRD Jewelry trademark of Bayardi Bros., Inc. New York since 1962
Breast Chain Type of long chain worn as an ormament extending over the breast and back usually composed of many ornamental discs or beads.
Breese, Edward Metalsmith producing jewelry and silverware in the Kalo Shop style in Chicago Ill. from 1921 until approx. 1940. His shopmark was sterling/hand wrought EHB
Breguet, Abraham L 1747-1823 French clock and watchmaker under Louis XVI
Brelloque Small charm in the form of a statuette worn on a watch chain
Brenner, Jules Postwar modern jewelry designer.
Bridalok Jewelry trademark for Colonial Mfg Co., NY since 1948
Brier Mfg Mfg of jewelry c. 1920-1978 specializing in gold-filled costume. Used the "Little Nemo" mark.
Briggs, Bates & Bacon Co. Jewelry mfg. Attleboro Mass since 1955 using the tag "The Laws I Live By". Also used trademark "Carmelita"
Bright ACut Jewelry trademark used by Jewel-Smiths Inc., Boston Mass since 1946
Brilliant Another name for a diamond with 58 facets
Brilliant Cut Modern style of faceting a stone with 58 facets designed by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919
Brilliant Period Refers to the American Period in Cut Glass (1880-1910) characterized by geometric patterns and lead glass with deep cutting.
Brilliants Another term for paste, strass or rhinetones. A catch-all phrase
Brillion Jewelry trademark used by D. Swarovski & Co., Austria since 1962 incorporationg rhinestones and crystals
Briolette (Bree O Let) Pearshaped or oval cut diamond or other stone with surface cut in long triangular facets.
Brise Fan Ivory fan popular in the 18th century England composed entirely of sticks and guards with up to thirty pierced or painted blades linked around the perimeter with ribbons.
Bristol Diamond Another name for rock crystal
Bristol Glass Transparent deep blue glass used for beads and other ornamentation. Sometimes hand painted designs.
Britannia Standard Silver alloy of 958 parts silver to a thousand of metal . Introduced in England in 1697 and in 1720 the previous sterling silver standard was restored.
Brite Jewelry trademark used by Brite Mfg Providence RI for mens and womens costume jewelry since 1941
Broadhead, Caroline Jewelry designer born 1950 in England
Brocade From low Latin for "To Embroider" originally a fabric of silk, satin or velvet variegated with gold and silver or raised and enriched with flowers, foliage and other ornamentation done on a jacquard loom
Brocade Novelties Inc Jewelry trademark for the Weidlich Bros., Bridgeport Conn on silver plated novelties since 1923
Brocatelle Originally an imitation of Italian tooled leather. Also a calcareous stone or marble having a yellow ground flected with white gray and red.
Broche Silk or satin ground fabric similar to brocade
Brochette (Bro shet) Small Brooch
Brogden, John 1842-85 London jeweler and goldsmith in the Egyptian and Assyrian motifs
Brolay Jewelry trademark used by Brown, Barzilay Inc Of NY since 1930
Bromsgrove Guild of Applied Art Ornamentation and applied art, England 1890 - ? Walter Gilbert, Arthur Gaskin, Georgina Gaskin, Joseph Hodel
Bronze A copper-based alloy with tin as the major alloy. Further defined by a second alloy element such as silicon or aluminum. Used for sculpture in ancient Greece and Rome as well as China and Africa. As Bronze ages and reacts with chemicals, it takes on a greenish tint and matte surface called a "patina". A patina can also be chemically induced so should not be an indication of age. Some of the earliest American sculptures were Thomas Ball, Leonard Volk and George Bessell. Historical figures were popular as were the later Remington American West Bronzes. Art Nouveau ladies and animals were also popular. These are being recast and should be priced as such. The recast bronzes are not so detailed and are usually smaller than the originals due to the shrinkage of the mold.
Bronze Dore Gilded Bronze
Bronzed Having the appearance of copper or bronze either painted on or applied electrostatically
Brooch A particularly large fine pin worn on the chest area sometimes at the neck. Made in a variety of designs to reflect the era and in many different materials and metals, some containing precious gems, diamonds, pearls and later costume jewelry with rhinestones.
Bosamer, Hans 1480-1554 German designer of jewelery
Brosse Verrerie Founded in 1854 this French company is known for the excellent quality of bottles, crystal and glass. They continue today making high quality stoppered semi automatic bottles for companies such as Guy L aroche, Giorgio, Hermes, Ricci, Ungaro, Gres and Guerlain. Their trademark on the bottle is VB or BR
Brownsworth, Ann Jewelry designer born in 1950 in Australia
BRS Jewelry trademark used by Morris Bressman, NY since 1962
Brushed Gold Type of textured gold having a matte finish made by using a wire brush on a lathe.
Bubble O Bill Jewelry trademark used by Robert J Corcoran, Beverly Hills Ca since 1951
Bubbleite Jewelry trademark used by Gall Novelty Co., Dallas Tx since 1955
Buckles Used to fasten a belt, sash, shoes, capes and or hats. Actually a type of brooch with a simulated hasp that was pinned in front of a belt, sash or shirtwaist. Made from nay different materials from gold to bouchette to chrome. Carried many designs and sometimes used gemstones or pearls. They were fashionable on belts after the turn of the century. Some shoe buckles came in oxidized silver and were used to decorate. Some were made from cut steel which were beautiful and are collectible today. With the demise of Queen Victoria, brown cam into fashion as well as franch gray. Buckles changed from the typical square to angular and cumberbund styles.
Buckley, Nadja Jewelry designer c. 1940-1950 of elegant jewelry. Some were gold washed silver and set with semiprecious stones. She also designed accessories/compacts, etc. Her jewelry sold only at the finest department stores. One of her compacts sold in 1945 at Bonwit Teller for $900. Pieces are rare and extremely collectible.
Buddhist Prayer Beads String of 108 beads sometimes accented with dangles or pendants
Budhoff Inc Jewelry mfg NY c. 1970 - Claimed a fake diamond "Dia-Bud"
Buff Top A low cabochon top gemstone cut that has a faceted pavilion
Buffalo Woolen fabric having a shaggy pile as buffalo fur. Indians used them as Buffalo robes
Buffalo Arts & Crafts Shop Metalworkers, Buffalo NY c. 1900-1915. Mostly silver and copper. Arts and Crafts
Buffon, Buffont Article of neckweear usually of gauze or linen/lace, puffed out over the breast. Pouter Pigeon style. Popular in late 18th century
Bugle Bead Type of glass bead in form of an elongated hollow cylinder sometimes used as a separator of larger beads and also used profusely during the 1920's as long flapper necklaces !
Bulgari Leading Italian jewelry firm located in Rome c. 1881 - present. (George Bulgari, Constantion Bulgari, Giorgio, Bulgari, Sotiri Bulgari)
Bulgarian Articles found in the region that is now Bulgaris. Diffulct to find and verify.
Bulla Ancient neck ornament that consisted of two hinged plates suspended from a cord or chain. Revived during the Victorian period and again in the 1920's
Bullion Lace Heavy gold or silver lace
Bullion Fine silver or gold plated wire coil made to protect thread. Also known as Gimp, Purl, Necklet Ends and sometimes French Wire
Bull's Eye Graphic jewelry trademark for Herff-Jonens Co., Indianapolis, Ind since 1946
Torun Vivianna
Jewelry designer born in 1927 in Sweden
Bunny Jewelry trademark used by Uncas Mfg Co., for finger rings since 1960
Burchardt Designer Mary Beth Burchardt of MBB Jewelry - Contemporary jewelry designs
Burges, WM English jeweler and architect 1827-1881
Burgundian Traditional 19th century jewelry attributed to Northern Europe. Outstanding jewelry design and quality worn in 14-15th centuries and supposedly worn by the Dukes of Burgandy and their courts.
Burning Bush Jewelry Jewelry trademark for Carole Accessories, Los Angeles, Ca. for mens and womens jewelry since 1963
Burntwood Jewelry trademark used by Harold Goldkrantz NY since 1958 for costume and faux pearls
Bury, Claus 1946 designer/maker of jewelry. Born in Hanau Germany. Uses acrylic in combination with gold
Bury, Pol Jewelry designer born in 1922 in Haine-Saint Pierre, Belgium
Butler & Wilson British antique jewelers and designers. Nicky Butler and Simon Wilson were collectors and then designers of their own combination of styles. Began as antique dealers in jewelry in the lat 1960's and later designers. Now famous the world over for jewelry and accessories.
Butterfly Jewelry Butterflies have always been preferred in personal ornamentation probably because of their beauty and fragility of life. There were butterflies used in jewelry as early as Egyptian times. American Indians considered the butterfly an honored insect and feature it in much of their ornamentation. The butterfly is very important in Chinese and Asian cultures. Used by itself it symbolites joy, summer. They have been depicted in jewelry using a wide variety of materials such as porcelain, jade, silver , beads, feather, enamel, etc. Wearing a butterfly somehow symbolites the reverence for the beauty of life no matter how short.
Butterfly Wing Jewelry Jewelry fashioned over the genuine wings of butterflies. Handpainted and covered with glass.
Butterfly Knot Decorative Chinese knot used in necklaces, pendants, tassels, etc.
Button, George W C. 1935 - "Mah-Jongg", Sealed Secrets". Perfumery
Button Hooks Used in the mid 1800's and designed to aid in buttoning high button shoes, gloves and collars. They were made from just about any material from ivory and brass to gold and silver. Some were ornately carved with added gemstones.
Buttons Fasteners most usually round. Womens dress buttons came in sets of three and were sometimes joined by a very delicate lovely link chain which prevented loss. Buttons were for a very long time considered jewelry and were made as far back as ancient times in a variety of materials from natural bone, ivory and stone to gold, silver,porcelain and later plastics. Some were beautifully engraved or hand painted and contained gemstones. Some buttons contained engraved scenes or were insignias for uniforms and clothing. All forms of buttons are collectible today.
Byzantine Of the Byzantine Empire Constantinople became the seat of the Roman Empire ad 330 and after the fall of Rome in 476 it became the seat of the Byzantine Empire until 1453. The name Byzantine is derived from the original town of Byzantium which was renamed Constantinople by the Emperor Constantine. The designs that flourished here were composed of Roman forms overlaid with near Eastern motifs, comes, rounded arches and mosaics.


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