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This Margot doll, with a box, is 25" tall and has a red three tiered felt dress. There are nine beige/green roses on her dress.

Underneath she is wearing lace trimmed bloomers, and she has her original beige socks and red button felt shoes.

Her face is all original and unrestored and is beautifully painted with side-glancing brown eyes with a single-dot white highlight, single-stroke brows, plump cheeks and a darling little double chin. Her rosebud mouth has a lighter lower lip like Lenci's trademark and very red lips, She has mitten-style hands just like the earliest Lenci dolls -- she has no applied felt ears! The doll is in beautiful condition - no stains or moth damage.

She has a hard-stuffed torso, her head rotates easily on her neck, and she is disc-jointed at her shoulders and hips and is fully posable.

Her blonde mohair hair is straight with lower side braids and in very good condition. The lid on the box is in fair condition but overall the box is in good condition.

Because of the relatively short period of production, these dolls are very rare and almost impossible to find. Add to this the fact that she is in such wonderful condition, she is a real find for any cloth doll collector who wants a worthy competitor to Lenci.

You can read more about the dolls made by the Margot company in the magazine Antique Doll Collector (August 2015, Volume 18, No. 7). The article is called The "Margot" Mystery by Nancy Lazenby, Sammy Odin and Elizabeth Ann Coleman. The company applied for their patent in 1921 -- the same year as Lenci! - but went out of business in the late 1920's, whereas Lenci's heyday lasted until the late 1930's and continued even after near bankruptcy until the 1990's, when it finally had to close its doors.

Price: $ 695
Pattern: Felt Hand Made
Color: Yes
Dimensions: 25 inches
Manufacturer: Margot, Italy
Manufacturer Date: 1920's
Quality: Very Good
Quantity: 1
Tace Item# 46561
Doll Weight: 3 pounds
Ship Weight: 7 pounds
Shipper: Fed Ex Home Delivery
Est Ship Cost: $25 to $75

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