German Pewter Carl Spitzweg Chalice Drinking Cup

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Large Pewter Carl Spitzweg 1808-1885 Chalice or drinking cup with great mold engraving on four panels.  Panels are darker gray and the lip and base are lighter pewter color.   

The panels each depict artwork that Carl produced during his career. 

One panel is a  man on ladder in front of a wall of books with a book in each hand one between his legs.  The second pannel is a woman with an umbrella walking down a street in arm with a soldier.  A second soldier is in front of a doorway with raised rifle.  Next to him is anothe man sitting on a stool with a scroll in each hand and a large drum at his feet. 

In one side panel it reads “Maler und zeichner besinlicher motiv aus der guten alten zeit” and this translate to “Painter and draughtsman of besinlicher motives from the good one person time.   On the other side panel it reads “Skurrile figuren ausder liebenswerten welt des biedemier” which translates to “Skurrile figures from loving values the world conventional meier”.  Under the panel of the man on the ladder with books in both hands and between his legs against the backdrop of a solid wall of books it reads “Der Briefbote” which translates to “The Letter Messenger” and on the other panel it reads “Er kommt.” Which translates to “He Comes.”           Carl Spitzweg (February 5, 1808 – September 23, 1885) was a German romanticist painter and peot.  He is considered to be one of the most important artists of the Biedermeier era.

The mark in a circle show "W" below that "mf" and below that "Sinn" with an angel to the right. 

He was born in Unterpfaffenhofen as the second of three sons of Franziska and Simon Spitzweg. His father, a wealthy merchant, had Carl trained as a pharmacist. He attained his qualification while recovering from an illness he also took up painting. Spitzweg was self-taught as an artist, and began by copying the works of Flemish masters. He contributed his first work to satiric magazines. Upon receiving an inheritance in 1833, he was able to dedicate himself to painting.

Later, Spitzweg visited European art centers, studying the works of various artists and refining his technique and style; he visited Prague, Venice, Paris, London and Belgium.  His later paintings and drawings are often humorous genre works.  Many of his paintings depict sharply characterized eccentrics, for example The Bookworm (1850) and The Hypochondriac (c. 1865, in the Neue Pinakothek, Munich. 

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Pattern: Pewter
Color: Dark Gray Pewter Color
Dimensions: 7 1/4 Tall, 3 inches diameter
Manufacturer: German
Manufacturer Date: Unknown
Quality: Excellent
Quantity: 1
Tace Item# 40148
Shipping: We estimate $ 7 to $9.

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