Maxfield Parrish The Canyon Image in Glass

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An extremely rare Maxfield Parrish drawing which is imaged in glass with a really nice brass art deco frame. 

Again this image is in the glass, not a print encased in the glass.  I've had many Maxfield Parrish antique or older prints over the years, in many sizes, and this is the first I have every encountered which is imaged in glass.  Two circle hooks at the top of brass frame for easy mounting. 

Every Maxfield Parris expert who has viewed this piece says "they have never seen or heard of a piece like this."   I believe that the printer of Maxfield Parrish prints in the 1920's in the San Francisco Bay Area  was given permission to do a few litho's in glass of this Maxfield Parrish original -- this is the result.  If you know more about this piece I would appreciate your input.

Below is Appraiser Rachael Goldman's  comments on this Maxfield Parrish image in glass:

The print under glass (wrong it is an image into the glass)  has been evaluated based upon several compositions. The piece has been no doubt made by Maxfield Parrish, an American artist who combined the mythical elements of the period with that of the exemplary landscape. The piece is entitled "The Canyon" Parrish, Maxfield American, 1870-1966   Parrish was given the name Frederick at birth in Philadelphia, PA. In 1870, but adopted the name Maxfield later.

Parrish regularly painted from photographs, which he took. He used black and white glass plates to transfer form and light, and added color of his own invention. One of his examples of the photography was the print “Canyon,” consisting of two composites. Using his faithful model Kitty Owne (also the reclining figure in “Daybreak”), he superimposed her figure on a background of trees.

This particular painting was to be used for the Easter 1923 issue of Life Magazine. Upon receiving the original painting back from Life, Parrish made major changes in the background, suing steep walls of a rocky gorge and thus creating the Canyon. The House of Art then reproduced the painting as an art print. Parrish continued working in his unique colors, his dreamy unreality and distinctive elegant style until 1962; his famous, unusual shade of blue became his trademark. A few years later in 1966 he died at the age of 95. His work is still being sought by generations of new collectors. There is a range of values for a print of this type. It is still a reproduction because all of Parrish's works have been typified in this manner.

Note: Sometimes appraisers don't like to admit "they don't know."  In this case I firmly believe she had never seen this, or other images in glass by Maxfield Parrish so she winged it.  She mentions several compostions like this -- show me one on any web site I say.  Of course she couldn't.  So I go with this piece as one of a very few and very rare pieces.  Your decide.  If you are a serious Maxfield Parrish collector you will want to consider this piece.


We also have two Parrish prints on our web site.  Click above on Parrish, Maxfield next to Art at the top of the page.

Maxfield Parrish Information

Price: 1395
$ 895
Pattern: The Canyon
Color: Yes
Dimensions: 11 inches x 15 1/2 inches
Manufacturer: Maxfield Parrish Agents
Manufacturer Date: 1920's
Quality: Excellent
Quantity: 1
Tace Item# 23385
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Estimated Ship: $10. plus insurance

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