OAshton Drake -- Alexandra & Gracie Cross Stitch Dolls

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Ashton Drake "Alexandra" is designed to pose and sit with Gracie to show her how to cross stitch. Cindy McClure created the cross stitch collection to celebrate the love between sisters.  Alexandra is dressed in a green satin long Victorian dress with a white lace and sheer cover and white pantaloons. She has red hair with a green ribbon and blue eyes. The doll has a porcelain head, arms and legs with a cloth body and 15 inches sitting. The doll is poseable for the sitting position. (Chair is included).  

 "Gracie" is designed to pose with her big sister "Alexandra" in the fine art of cross-stictch -- something that "Gracie" has been anxious to learn.  (Please see "Alexandra" on our web site by clicking on the link below).

Ms. McClure's original artist proof of Cross-Stitch won the prestigious Dolls Magazine 1994 Award of Excellence.  Created in wax-over-porcelain,  she made 25 proofs, whch sold for $4995 per set.  Ashton-Drake offered here a porcelain edition that is true to the original design.

Gracie is dressed in a turquoise satin knee-long Victorian dress with a white lace and sheer cover apron and white pantaloons.  She has blond hair with a pink ribbon in her hair, and brown eyes.  The doll has a porcelain head, arms and legs with a cloth body.  And like Alexandra is she is poseable for the sitting postion.

Both dolls are in excellent condition as is their chair.

We also have "Alexandra" by herself on our web site.  She is mint in the box.

Please see our selection of Ashton Drake dolls by clicking on the link directly below:


Pattern: Cindy McClure
Color: Yes
Dimensions: 15" Alexandra sitting, 13" Gracie sitting
Manufacturer: Ashton Drake for Cindy McClure
Manufacturer Date: 1995
Quality: Excellent
Quantity: 0
Tace Item# 36870
Shipping: We estimate $12-15.

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