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$ 5 each

George Washington Vintage Post Cards

Vintage post cards all featuring our first president, George Washington 1. Pink Background "Father I Cannot Tell A Lie" from Washington Birthday Series no postmark blank back 2. White Background, Valley Forge Birthday Series # 4, Postmarked 1912 1 cent stamp 3. Washington Taking command of the American Army, Birthday Series, Pink Background, blank back 4. Washington Taking Oath, Bi... moreBuy Now Jarretts Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques
$ 9

Great Lakes Exposition PostCard Lot

This is a lot of 5 postcards plus a packet of cards from the Great Lakes Exposition in Cleveland Ohio. Matte finish cards are by Sapirstein Greeting Card Company in Cleveland and are all non-used/mailed. All in very good condition except the front of the packet has some scrapbook residue. (not all postcards are shown)... moreBuy Now Jarretts Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques
$ 6

Lot of 5 Post Cards, Niagara Falls, Montreal, Windsor Ferry,

This is a lot of 5 post cards faturing LaSalle Ferry, Detroit, Niagara Falls, Mont Royal, Montreal. Standard post card size, linen like finish and all dated in the 1930's.... moreBuy Now Jarretts Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques
$ 8

Lot of Vintage Canadian Post Cards

This is a nice lot of 10 used vintage post cards featuring scenes of Canada. Old fashioned trolleys, cars, boats, stables, some real photo cards, oops one Paris photo card included. Some of these have tac marks in the corners or residue on the back where they were mounted and a few have stamps on them with dates and writing. No tears or serious damage, however I am not a post card collector ... moreBuy Now Jarretts Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques
$ 6

Militaria GAR To Day and Yesterday Post Card

Vintage post card featuring military "To Day and Yesterday" setting. Measures 3-1/2 x 5-1/2". Writing on the back. 1 Cent Stamp Divided back. Can't read date but probably around 1900.... moreBuy Now Jarretts Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques
$ 5

New York Times Square At Night - Galloway

301/2 x 5-1/2 linen style postcard # 23 Times Square At Night, New York City photographed by Ewing Galloway. Gorgeous colors - shows advertising from Chevrolet, Planters Peanuts, Hotel Astor, Camels and more. Period automobiles. Posted 1941, 1 cent stamp with Buy Defense Bonds and Stamps.... moreBuy Now Jarretts Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques
$ 20

Set of Adult Pinup Varga Postcards Salesman Samples

These are salesman's sample postcards featuring the Varga girls. 4-1/4 x 6" in size and each postcard features a different girl/pose. These have a hole in the corner where they were held in the sample book. Produced by The Hearst Corporation 1995 - Varga 1945.... moreBuy Now Jarretts Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques

Virginia - Dancing on the Beach 1930's, Virg Bch, Buckroe

This is a pair of postcards from Virginia Beach, VA picturing beach scenes. Early 1938, 1939 featuring Dancing at the Beach, Cavalier Beach Club and the other shows swimmers and boating at Buckroe Beach, Va. Standard size cards both used with 1 cent stamps. Colors shown on cards are a little darker than actual since I wanted to show detail. No tears or folds.... moreBuy Now Jarretts Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques
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