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$ 35

Shields Japan Vintage 1950s Hobo Ashtray & Cig. Holder

This adorable hobo has served me well for many years as a business card holder when we had a shop back in the 1980's. He stands 10" high and 4" wide at the bottom. His clothes are paint worn but there are no chips or cracks. Felt bottom with paper tag "Shields Japan"... moreBuy Now Jarretts Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques
$ 10

Tom Clark Thimble Figurine - Pearl

One of my favorites and a duplicate in my collection is "Pearl". Possibly because she carries my jewelry theme so well with her strand of pearls. She is a Tom Clark Gnome figurine by Cairn Studios and measures 4" high. Intricately and uniquely carved, she sits on a barrel with her knitting needles and pearl jewelry finery with a thimble hat. She is signed and numbered - a lot of it I cannot read... moreBuy Now Jarretts Jade Jewelry & Small Antiques
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