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Moreau Signed Spelter Lady & Child Statue

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Pattern: Spelter Material Factory Stamp
Color: Yes
Dimensions: 18 inches height
Manufacturer: Made in Paris France
Manufacturer Date: Late 1800's
Quality: Very Good
Quantity: 1
Price: $ 495
Tace Item# 35756
Shipping: We estimate $20 to $30.

Item Description:

Exquisitely done "Lady & Child Picking Apples" by Moreau and done in Spelter with a nicely coated two-color finish. 

Child is holding an apple and the ladies basket is full of apples.  Also, we think the lady at one time held an apple in her hand.

This statue was appraised for $800 recently and we are selling here for $495.  

This Moreau is signed but hard to distinguish the first initial although we believe it to be an R, but it could be an H.  There was a family a Moreau's active in France in 19th Century and this undoubtably is one of them. 

The front brass plate reads "PLAISIRS D' AUTOMNE" and below that "Par L. Moreau (Med d'Or)". 

On the rear is the Moreau signature and the factory stamp above that reads "Fabrication France---" and below "Paris Made in France". 

Overall this piece is in excellent condition considering it's age and with the exception of what we believe is the apple missing in her raised hand.  There is a little coating missing on the fingers of the lady but nothing that detracts from the piece.  There is a small round hole in the back of the ladies head, which it not evident when veiwed from the front, and we can only guess that may have been meant for a lamp to be attached at a later date.  No evidence that this every was a lamp. 

This piece weighs 5 pounds and measures 18 inches in height, the base is 6 inches in diameter, the figures themselves 7 inches in width.

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Here is a little more information on the Moreau brothers although there were other Moreau's also active in the 19th Century in France. "L&F Moreau were two brothers who were part of the Moreau dynasty of sculptors from Dijon France in the 19th century.  L&F Moreau were perhaps best known for creating highly ornate clocks and garniture sets in both bronze and spelter. The L stands for Louis Auguste (1855-1919), known for bronzes and metal sculptures. The F stands for Hippolyte Francois (1857-1930), a painter and sculptor.  Both of these men were each well-known artists and today are listed in the various important art guides (Davenports, Who's Who, etc.) and their work commands high prices and they have exceptional auction records -- their bronzes commonly bring upwards of $10,000.

Their L&F Moreau studio was their business partnership which produced spelter copies of both of their bronze sculptures (spelter is a bronze-like Pot metal that is lighter weight than bronze and made primarily from zinc). It's important to note that L&F Moreau also individually produced bronze and spelter pieces and signed them Auguste and Hippolyte ... but those signed with L&F Moreau marks were produced by this partnership studio."

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