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Cyrus Noble -- Walrus Family Decanter

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Topic Name: Decanters / Cyrus Noble
Pattern: 1st in Series of Animals of the Sea
Color: Yes
Dimensions: 7"h x 7"w x 5"d -- Oval Base 7" x 8"
Manufacturer: Cyrus Noble Haas Brothers
Manufacturer Date: 1978
Quality: Excellent
Price: SOLD
Tace Item# 24060
Shipping: We estimate $7 to $10.

Item Description:

The Walrus Family from Cyrus Noble "Animals of the Sea" series. 

The walrus, with its hulking body, long tusks, whiskers, and mournful expression, has long been a favorite of story tellers, photographers, and artists. He inhabits the frigid waters surrounding the North Pole, and usually lives a peaceful life digging clams, mussels, and other shell fish from the sea bottom with its long ivory tusks.

When attacked, a walrus can do terrible damage with its tusks; in a pack to fight off an enemy they are vulnerable to harm from only one creature -- man. The walrus population has declined severely as a result of commericial hunting, but as yet is not on the endangered list.

This Cyrus Noble "Walrus," first in a series of ceramic works entitled "Animals of the Sea." 

All the ceramics in this series are hand-painted and have been produced from original sculptures in limited numbers.

Each sculpture comes with a hand-routed teak base, felt padded to protect furniture. 

This piece is numbered 1771 of 4994 limited edition.

Decanter is empty, we have box and inside liner.  Decanter is in excellent condition.


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501 NORTH 10th Street
Sacramento, California  95811 USA
Phone: (916) 446-1122
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