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Cyrus Noble -- Bear and Cubs Decanter

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Topic Name: Decanters / Cyrus Noble
Pattern: Fourth in Series of Six
Color: Yes
Dimensions: 7 1/2 h x 8" w x 5" d -- Oval is teak base 10" x 6"
Manufacturer: Cyrus Noble Haas Brothers
Manufacturer Date: 1977
Quality: Very Good
Quantity: 0
Price: SOLD
Tace Item# 24046
Shipping: We estimate $9 to $13.

Item Description:

Another of our absolutely gorgeous Cyrus Noble North American Wild animal porcelain decanters -- this is the "Bear and Cubs" (ursus horribilis). 

The bear is a creature of great size, bulk and strength.  It is omnivore, and will eat almost anything, from roots to beries to fish.  But the food it prefers above all is wild honey.

When irritated, bears are fierce fighters; this holds true for females as well as males.  In fact, a mother bear that sees her cubs threatened is a match for any creature in the widerness.

This decanter is the fourth in a series of six bottles.  Cyrus Noble Originals have been produced from original sculptures by a skilled artist-naturalists. 

The bottle rests on a hand-routed teak bases, felt-padded to protect furniture; an embossed brass plateis mounted on the base.  The bottle is empty, but once contained Cyrus Noble Bourbon.  We have the box and Stryroform liner, but he box lid is missing.  The decanter is in excellent condition.

This decanter was produced in 1977 and is Limited Edition number 689 of 1800

See above for the dimenions of this decanter.




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