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$ 24

Celluloid Bangle: Vintage Celluloid Floral Bangle Bracelet

Celluloid bangle bracelet in lifesaver green with a lush floral texture dates Ca. 1930 and is in Excellent Condition. This richly textured floral, early plastic bracelet is approximately 1/2" wide and has an inner dimension of 2-1/2" in diameter. Wear it alone or with others, these floral celluloid bangles are becoming more and more in demand and harder to find as collectors want them in every c... moreBuy Now RHUMBA! ®
$ 45

Celluloid Bird Pin: Vintage Celluloid Bird Pin, Celluloid

Very rare vintage celluloid bird pin with red rhinestone belly and green rhinestone eye and accent is as sweet and nostalgic as they get. Accented with bright red and yellow paint, this little bird pin is a rare creature. It measures approximately 1-1/2 x 1" and has its original plastic C-closure and metal pin stem. It is in Excellent Condition and dates Ca. 1920. Scarcely found and in such prist... moreBuy Now RHUMBA! ®
$ 225

Celluloid Bracelet: Vintage Celluloid Rhinestone Bangle

Celluloid rhinestone bangle bracelet has three rows of sparkling clear rhinestones embedded in it. The bracelet appears to be opaque when worn, but as you can see in our picture, it is somewhat translucent when held up to the light. These are the bracelets that flappers wore armfuls of during the roaring twenties and they are highly sought after by collectors -- especially when they are in wonderf... moreBuy Now RHUMBA! ®
$ 60

Celluloid Pin: Carved & Painted Celluloid Brooch w/Dangles

Here is a wonderful and special find: a beautiful brooch of "heavily carved" and gilded floral celluloid with "macaroni" looped edging and eleven elongated teardrop shaped dangles accented by three old-cut, high tabled rhinestones in true, deep, "Pepto Bismol"-colored cobalt blue, old Czech green and bright red. The pin measures approximately 2-1/4" X 2". This pin is in astounding condition with... moreBuy Now RHUMBA! ®
$ 24

Christmas Wreath Pin: Vintage Christmas Wreath Bells Pin

Vintage Christmas wreath and bells pin has red and green crystal rhinestones adorning a gold tone foliage wreath with two gold tone Christmas bells tied together with a gold tone bow with red rhinestone appointed clappers. This nostalgic Christmas wreath with bells pin measures approximately 2-1/8 x 2" and has a safety closure. In Excellent Condition, this charming vintage Christmas wreath with ... moreBuy Now RHUMBA! ®
$ 15

Clear Lucite AB Rhinestone Ring; Plastic Ring, Lucite Ring,

Clear lucite ring with embedded Aurora Borealis clear rhinestones has a face size of approximately 1 x 1". There are approximately 52 gorgeous, sparkling crystal rhinestones in Aurora Borealis clear to make this ring a bold fashion statement and a big winner. Available in Ring Sizes 6, 7, 8 and 9. Wear it alone or team it with our other lucite and rhinestone jewelry some of which is shown below. ... moreBuy Now RHUMBA! ®

Clear Lucite Bange Bracelet Silver Flecks 3/4 to 1/2" Inch W

Clear Lucite Bangle Bracelet with silver flecks that give it an internal bubble effect.  The beautiful, modern, bangle bracelet has an uneven width that varies from 3/4 to 1" wide and has an inner dimension of approximately 2-5/8" in diameter.  This is a stunning clear lucite bangle with a bit of additional interest of the internal flecks of silver that add dimension to the clear lucite.  Clear... moreMore Info RHUMBA! ®

Clear Lucite Bangle: Clear Lucite Rhinestone Bangle Bracelet

  Clear lucite boomerang bangle bracelet has 4MM clear rhinestones at approximately 1-1/2" intervals going around the bracelet. This is a lucite tapered bangle that is approximately 1" wide at the widest point tapering to approximately 5/8" wide.  This lucite bangle has a roomy inner dimension of approximately 2-1/2" and is approximately 1/2" thick and tapers to approximately 3/8" thick at the... moreMore Info RHUMBA! ®
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