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$ 75

Antique Brass powder Measure - French

Very nice antique brass powder measure with wooden handle, found in the Savoie aea of France. Measure is marked H N on bottom with an anchor. On side of measure it reads "Grammes, Poudre" with the range from 1.40 to 2.60 grams. Measure itself slides well with locking notches as pictured. Very nice condition, little wear, nice patina, dates from 19th century. Measures 5 inches long. Free dome... moreBuy Now Mary Isabella Dolls and Antiques
$ 59.99


For today’s auction, we are featuring a antique Chinese made Cloisonne brass storage container. Cloisonne is a method of enamel decoration of metal surfaces, such as vases and jewel boxes. Metal filaments (which form the cloisons or separating elements) are attached at right angles outlining the design to be used. These miniature compartments are filled with colored enamel in paste form... moreMore Info All That Glitters Antiques
$ 79.99


We have today an unusual item up for auction: an antique pewter IMDO decilitre measuring cup. Great old Hallmarks This old measuring tool stands 4.5" tall, measures 2.25" in width and has a depth level of 3 - 3/16". There is a hand written label on the base that seems to indicate that this piece may be French in origin. It has a small spout with a thumb-opened lid that opens / closes smoothly.... moreMore Info All That Glitters Antiques
$ 2989

Cave Man Series Collection

Charles Darwin - The Origin of Man. Cave Man Bench Model Set - An Anthopological Showcase. Neanderthal Human Sculptures. Specimen Civilization - Before Contact with Whites - Dating back to 7000 years.... moreMore Info Tourist Art Antiques
$ 750

Glazed Terra Cotta Statue David After Cantagni

This is a glazed Terra Cotta statue figure of Davld slaying Goliath after Cantagni. We estimate it to be from the late 18th Century or early 19th Century. Overall it is in very good condition with glaze off in exposed edges such as nose sides areas, knee and on one toe. The sword is missing. It is an excellent representing of the Biblical tale as restructured in a late Renaissance fashi... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
$ 489

Head Hunter Warrior Horn

Horn of the Rear to Sight Blue Ox. It is the Insignia on the House of Naga Head Hunter. It is also used as Gun Powder Horn to Sound War Cry, an instrument of Music, for dispensing Ritual Sacred Water, as a vessel for Drinking / Sharing Wines. It is also called Mithuna Horn symbolic of Love & Vigour.... moreMore Info Tourist Art Antiques
$ 269

Himalayan Aphrodisiac

It is found at Higher Altitudes of the Himalayas. A Rock Like Melted Material oozing out from Rock Crevices when the Ice Cover melts during the Summer Months. It contains absorbed Nutrients – Minerals in Fossilized Form. The Kama-Sutra, mentions it as a powerful Aphrodisiac & Restorer of Youthfulness.... moreMore Info Tourist Art Antiques
289 Sale $289

Kamarupa Love Mats

Alongwith Musk & Aloe – The Devine Naturally fragrant substances, known for their aphrodisiac properties, Kamaruap Mats – Sensual Mats i.e. Sital Pati & Reed Mats have found references in Kamarupa Country of Ancient Era. As per legend Kamarupa Country was ruled sensuous beautiful women. The Art & Process of making the Mats has survived through centuries. The t... moreMore Info Tourist Art Antiques
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