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$ 6 to 125

A Doll Affaire Boyds Bears & Bunnies Collection

We carry a full selection of Boyds Bears, Kimbearly Bears, Mohair Bears, Artist Bears and Bunnies of all sizes. Please email us if you are seeking a particular bear or bunny.... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
$ 62

Fur Rabbit Hand Sculpted

This is a Very Original Hand Sculpted Fur Rabbit with porcelain face, ears, paws and feet. Rabbit has real character with expression on face and holding a staff. Bow around the collar. We don't know if this is one of a kind, or the person sculpting this made more than one, but we have never seen another in 23 years of selling dolls, bears and bunnies. Initials "mhr" hand carved on bottom of one ... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
$ 35

Gund -- Maggie Girl Bear 8130

Maggie is part of our large collection of Gund Bears now on our website. Maggie is dressed for a visit to the country, in a shadow-plaid dress, trimmed with ruffles and braid. Her hand-made fringed shawl will keep her from chills, and her little satchel is right for everything a young lady needs on her travel.s From somewhere that is just around the corner from yesterday, comes Playthings Past... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
$ 35

Gund -- Willie Boy Bear 8131

Willie is a great addition to our Gund bears on the web site. Willie is all boy with his woolen cap set squarely on his head, a really nice knitted sleeveless seater over a soft shadow-paid shirt, and fashionable velveteen knickers. (I remember wearing an outfit like this, which of course dates me.) Very proud of his watch chain, he has carefully tucked his watch into the proper pocket. Perha... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
$ 95

Steiff -- Gray Brown Mohair Bear

Rather large Steiff "Teddy" Bear in a grayish-brown color. A little more gray than brown. Tan felt padded paws. Fully jointed head arms and legs. Steiff button in the ear. Doll is in excellent condition. Please see our large selection of Steiff Bears by clicking on the link below:... moreMore Info Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
Off Web

Steiff -- Molly Golli & Peg Golli Girl 1996

Molly Goes to the Circus with this limited edition Steif "Molly Golli & Peg". One of 2,500 made exclusively for The Toy Store. Created by Margarete Steiff GmbH, of Giengen, Germany to commemorate the Festival of Steiff XI and the 15th Annual Tribute to Teddies. I'll leave the description to the photo's except to say the doll Peg is jointed. Mint in Box with COA and original wrapper. ... moreMore Info Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
$ 88

Steiff -- Owl Hoot Mohair Animals & Bears

Steiff Owl "Hoot" Mohair 5 inch mohair horned owl. Spotted mohair body with felt lower wings. Button and tag on the lower felt wing. Wire armature felt covered feet. Large green eyes. Excellent condition .... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
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