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$ 95 to $1995

Antique Clocks Gallery in Sacramento

We have a large assortment of antique clocks which you can view in the photo's. All clocks have been cleaned and or repaired, and are warranted for one year from date of purchase. If you see a clock you would like please email us with the description and we'll get back to you with a measurements, price and shipping costs, although we prefer to sell our clocks locally in the Northern California a... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
$ 1250


Up on today’s auction, we have a very old full size grandfather clock made by the Norland Company in London, England. Please note that this is a full size stand alone clock that stands over 6 feet in height and will be available for LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. This large piece of time keeping machinery stands over 6 feet tall and weighs some 125+ pounds in weight. We are told that this parti... moreMore Info All That Glitters Antiques
$ 750


Fine Atmos LeCoultre Clock. It is in good running condition, must be balanced and has its own level built in. Brass shows some wear. Shipping included will be for Parcel Post. Expedited shipping is available , please inquire. /**ThinViewJs**/ var ifr = function() {}; ifr.browserDetect = function() {this.bFirefox = this.bWebTV = this.bOpera = this.bNav = this.bIE = this.bSafari =this.bWi... moreMore Info All That Glitters Antiques
$ 65

Copper Horseshoe Electric Clock

Here's a somewhat hard to find Horseshoe Copper/Bronze Electric Horseshoe Clock. It works great and keeps very accurate time. The last patent date is 2049261, which is 1936, so clock could be anywhere from 1936 up to I would guess 1942. Second hand, very clean face. 60 cycle, 2.5 watts. Nice copper color and very little wear on the copper or case. No marks or dings on case.... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
$ 42

Lanshire Porcelain Electric Clock 24 KT Gold Decoration

Beautiful porcelain Lanshire Electric clock decorated with 24 KT. Gold and applicate of roses and French woman. Works fine and is good condition except for two small hairline cracks at 4 o'clock, which are not that noticeable. This would be a lovely addition to a ladies desk or the boudoir. Weight 2 pounds 8 ounces and according to the patent number this clock was produced in 1949-1950.... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace
$ 125


Here is a great find: an antique Concord 15-jewel adjustable travel clock. The leather case, with an embossed ostrich pattern, is 4" square and monogrammed in gild with the initials M.H.J. The clock face is 2" in diameter. The innards are marked thusly: "case# 2332422 66 7. Concord Watch co. 15-jewel. 3 adjustments. Movement #2483882." There are hairline cracks from five to 9 o'clock, and a ... moreMore Info All That Glitters Antiques
$ 295

Waltham Cherub Winding Desk or Mantle Clock

Very rare Waltham Desk or Mantle Cherub wind-up clock with a last patent date of January 13, 1891, so we can assume sometime in the 1890's. This clock has a paper face which is in good shape but has some brownish discoloring due to age, however, the paper face is in excellent condition. Note the second hand. Cherub and metal work is all in very good condition with a very slight stress crack ... moreBuy Now Antique & Collectibles Marketplace

Clock: Egytian Motif Clock, Egyptian Maat Decorative Clock

Egyptian motif clock in hand-painted and intricately sculpted resin. The clock represents the concept of Ma'at: truth, order, balance and justice. It is an ornately 24K gold colored clock depicted on a raft guarded by two winged goddesses. The hand-painted metallic gold, turquoise, dark blue, deep green, coral and black of the clock are reminiscent of the richness of ancient Egyptian archaeologi... moreMore Info RHUMBA! ®
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