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$ 79.99


This is a wonderful Blue Imperial Daoguang Chinese Piece from 1821-50 which comes in a variety of beautiful colors. The paint is similiar to enamelling and the colors are beautiful . It measures 7-3/4" x 4-3/8". No chips, no cracks. This items is on consignment the owner authenticated this piece from a book on chinese pottery. I claim no expertise in this field, so please ask all questions... moreMore Info All That Glitters Antiques
$ 25

Brass box, French, romantic genre scene

This small round box is made of brass with fine machine decoration on sides and top. On the top is inset a round copper-colored image of a young couple, wiht the lady on a swing. Above is the word "Jeunesse". Below is says "D'ap Senweninger " and "F&B Grav". On the bottom of the box is imprinted the word France. Probably dates from early 20th century and is 3 inches in diameter and 7/8 in... moreBuy Now Mary Isabella Dolls and Antiques
$ 30

Breton box - carved wood

This square hinged wooden box if from Brittany, France, and dates fro the early 1900's. It has the typical Breton flower-like carvings as well as the spoked wheel design on the lid. Very nice condition with original hinges; very usable box. Measures 4 and 1/2 inches square and 2 inches in height. Free domestic shipping.... moreBuy Now Mary Isabella Dolls and Antiques
$ 45

Inlaid Wood Box, 19th century European

Nice wooden trinket box, with intricate inlaid design depicting dancers on the top; scene is framed with micromosaic wood inlay. May be Italian but no marks as to origin. Inside is original red velvet lining, and the word Souvenir printed inside lid. Hinges work well, some wear to box but very nice patina and feel to the wood. Measures aprox 4 x 3 inches and 1.3 inches high. Free domestic shi... moreBuy Now Mary Isabella Dolls and Antiques
$ 40

Inlaid Wood Card box

Lovely European 19th century card case, micromosaic wood inlay on sides and bands around front and back decoration, which shows fanciful drawn images of cherubs. Some minor wear but overall good condition with nice wood patina. Great gift for card players. Free shipping.... moreBuy Now Mary Isabella Dolls and Antiques
$ 100

Italian Micromosaic box

Small round gold-colored metal box; Italian, second half of 19th century. Micromosaic inlay on top in colorful floral design. and tiny twisted metal design applied on top and around sides. Some wear and age spots as pictured, but overall in nice condition for age with micromosaic pieces intact. Lovely piece to hold a ring or other special jewel. Measures 1 and 3/4 inches by 1 inch high. Free ... moreBuy Now Mary Isabella Dolls and Antiques
$ 60

Mauchlinware box, Newcastle-on-Tyne

19th century Mauchlinware box with scene on top showing the Industrial Exhibition held in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1887. This was likely a souvenir of that event. The box is light wood with nice finish typical of Mauchlinware. Top is hinged; hinges and front latch work well. Decal on top showing exhibition pavilion is intact as shwon. The box measures just over 4 by 3 inches and stands approx. ... moreBuy Now Mary Isabella Dolls and Antiques
$ 60

Miniature Sterling Coin box

Tiny sterling (marked 925) round box with hinged lid. Top is fashioned from a 1905 Un Dino Peruvian coin. Box measures only 3/4 inches in diameter and is less than 1/2 inch high. Coin has some wear but lettering and design details clear. Delightful box for miniature treasure. Free domestic shipping.... moreBuy Now Mary Isabella Dolls and Antiques
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